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July 03, 2006



No fair! tomatoes don't hit their stride around here until August!


you are being ridiculously unfair by posting that. I have missed the farmers market tis weekend so I have to go to the store and go get some red tomatoes before i can indulge.


Oh no Steve!! Say it isn't so! Well, you do have all the other wonderful things in your garden to tide you over........


YUM! i'm so jealous of your garden (so is noosh). that sammy looks to die for. i'd have to enforce a 3 sandwich minimum.


You are so killin' me, here. That looks delicious. I love wheat bread with fresh tomatoes........YUM YUM YUM!


Harriet the Spy would be so proud of you! Man, those look delish. Tomatoes are my favorite food of all time. Our four tomato plants are finally starting to show little green tomatoes as of yesterday and I pranced around them in blissful glee!



Yes--get yourself some nice tomatoes. It's the key to a happy life! :) It's that simple.


HUH? There's a three sandwich minimum? Do you mean an hourly minimum?

I know Glenna, so I really know how to kill her: Fried Green Tomatoes!!!!! Suffer!!!!


Dancing around the plants keeps tomato worms away! It's even better if you do one of those pagan ritual dances with a drum. Do it--you know you want to!


Oooh, it was a mistake to stop by today because now the craving has hit 1000x's worst!
And now on top of that I must have fried green tomatoes too! Will have to bribe my colleagues with garnders for them with baked goods.

Barbara (Biscuit Girl)

Oh my, I started drooling. Aren't tomato sandwiches one of the BEST things about summer! Yours looks scrumptious! What kind of bread did you use? It looks homemade.


Those are some big fine delicious looking tomatoes. They look perfect for a sandwich.


Oy, if only tomatoes were really coming in around here right now. That looks amazing. Well -- I have something to look forward to.



I was looking at my green tomatoes today, thinking how nice they would taste if I fried some of them.


I agree. I think it's a crime to put freshly picked tomatoes on mediocre bread. This was a good loaf of whole wheat I was lucky enough to find at a bakery. I would bake some bread for sandwiches, but then I would have to deal with my fresh baked bread addiction!


They are wonderful. I didn't do much other than plant and water them, so I don't feel like I'm due any credit really.


I remember how it takes longer to harvest tomatoes in the Midwest. We lived in the Northwest area of Illinois and were usually harvesting them in August, as I remember. But, when they came in, they were fabulous! We can't grow the same kind of tomatoes here in the Central Valley of CA. The big beefsteaks split in the intense heat here.


oh that mayo... yum!!! Sher, only one?! I don't believe you! (ha!)



Slap a scrambled egg in there with a little bacon - food of the gods!

How much would I have to bribe you to overnight those tomatoes to me?? huh? huh? I need my fix woman!!


what a great picture. I'm not a tomato fan( please don't throw your beautiful tomatoes at me!), but I do like them pureed in sauces! Can we still be blog friends?


and to think i just ordered thai for lunch when what i didn't know i really wanted was actually one of these
comeoooooon 'maters! grow grow grow grow GROW!



You're right--I had more than one!


I would send you some, but there are never any left over after I pick them each day. I guess elves sneak in the kitchen and eat them while my back is turned?


I love them in sauce, so that works out fine. And I will eat your share of the fresh ones! :)


I hope you get your fresh picked tomatoes SOON!! The anticipation will make them taste even better.

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