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July 28, 2006



I love that char by the edges of the salmon. It's cooked beautifully!


I like everything about this meal. Sounds just wonderful. And Sher, Blogher is really quite amazing. So many smart women in the same place.


yummmmmmm...a meal upsie could love too!


Oh My! This looks delicious. My kind of meal. Your photo is lovely.
And just look at your weather pixie wearing a sarong. I'm jealous!


I love that you post the original recipe and add the footnotes on how you did it. It really helps someone who's making the recipe for the first time. And thanks for stopping by my blog!


The temperature is stil;l in the 100's and you're making all this great food? I'm just tossing stuff on th grill and eating leftover veggies over the sink and it's only in the 80's.


Mmm, the cucumber-dill salad is definitely on my radar. It's still stupid hot here and supposed to get worse in the next few days. That looks so cool and delicious. The photos are fab, too.


That salmon looks divine. And since my dh doesn't like salmon, I bet that recipe would work great on white fish fillets. Gotta give it a try! Are things cooler today? They are here - I'm in southern Cal up in the mountains, and the clouds have made it almost chilly! So glad this heat wave is over!



Thanks! The herb rub helped it brown very nicely. In fact, I had to watch it to make sure it didn't burn.


I'm really looking forward to hearing about your experiences at the Blogher Conference.


Upsie did get some of the salmon. As for the cucumbers....no way!


Thanks! And I'm addicted to my weatherpixie. :):)


I hate finding myself in the middle of a recipe and it isn't going the way they describe it! Very annoying. One thing I dislike is when they don't tell you the right heat to cook things.


This was barely cooking, I swear. The salmon cooked so quickly, and that's the main reason I made that dish. But, then there is the taste too. That rub is so good.


Oh, I love that dill dressing. I used 3 huge garlic cloves in it and boy did I ever smell of it. I was safe from vampires that night!


Yes, the rub would work on other fish and chicken. It's great!! The temp was about 93 today. It flelt like heaven!!!!! Once you've had temps of 115--the 90's are so cool!


Baked to perfection !!! Can't wait to try. Thank you for the recipe Sher.


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I've never actually tried pairing cucumbers and fresh dill, though I can't imagine why since I love the taste of both!

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