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July 21, 2006



Yum, I love eggplant and this sounds wonderful! Is it hard to grow?

My mom grew eggplant one summer when I was young, and I literally remember eating it every freakin' day for about two months. It took me years to get beyond that...

Do you like eggplant parmesan? I'm fond of Marcella's recipe.


Your cookbook sure has gotten a lot of use


Oh! The photos of your tomatoes! I'm feeling faint - mine are still green, as am I, with envy!
Superb post Sher. I'm going to the farmers mkt this weekend to buy eggplant!


Wonderful! I love that you get your produce from your garden. Wish I could do the same. I also love your cookbook. It's nice to see it's been well used. Nice recipe! Thanks for contributing to this week's WHB.




Wow!! Eggplant everyday? I like it, but that's a bit much. That could give anyone issues. I think eggplant is easy to grow, once you get it past the baby stage. Mine have a tough time in the spring with whitefly. But, once I got them past that, they are doing fine.


It sure has been used up. Certain recipes that were favorites are covered with food stains. Fish Souffle On A Platter seems to be the winning recipe, judging by all the stains on the pages.


Don't faint!! Just look at your surroundings there in Trinidad. Sigh. You're cooler weather means you wait longer for tomatoes, but it also means you don't have to suffer through 109 degrees like us! Argh!


Thank you for the kind words. And thank you for hosting WHB!!!


Looks yummy. I think ratatouille is best if you make it, refrigerate it and then leave it out the next day to get room temperature and have it for lunch.


It's my first time to see eggplant in garden! Any chance to see your thyme bush? I always love its look but only see it from plastic packs at stores.
I think your "napoleons" is just splendid! And you're such a huge fan of Julia, I like her too but so far only have read her book Baking with Julia (plus that tv show)... probably I have a bit stereotype on French food, but your easy ratatouille with genuine & pure taste has definitely changed my mind.


the 'maters are goregous!
i had similar summers to s'kat it seems, but my mom's garden gluts usually invovled zucchini and green beans
this year she tells me shes drowning in broccoli!
good thing i'm going home next weekend to help eat it all up, yum!


Yum! Yum! Yum!
Y'all, I've made Sher's ratatouille recipe and it is fabulous, from the scent in the air while it's baking to the last forkful.


That looks delicious! I made baked aubergine parmigiano today. I LOVE aubergine. I have one or two in the fridge at all times!

You are so lucky to have them growing in the garden. I'm coming over to lift your plant! :)


mmmm, that looks really good. all those fresh veggies you have!! i must say you are quite the tomato peeler. so perfectly done, bravo!



I totally agree. That's how I had the leftovers--cold. They were great.


I have some adorable (yes, eggplant can be adorable) varigated baby eggplants in my garden right now. It's hard not to pick them when they're only the size of my little finger. I should take a picture of them, and the thyme.


If you are still getting broccoli, it must be kind of cool there. Sigh! I love freshly picked broccoli, it tastes so tender and sweet.


The smell is wonderful! Wish I hadn't eaten it all up.


:):) I planted several different types of eggplant--so come on over and pick some! I like the name aubergine better, I must say.


Thank you. It wasn't hard with the tomatoes. They were glad to give up their skins. :):)


I need to buy some eggplant so I can make this!! Maybe when I get home from Blogher, because I should have some huge zucchini when I get home. I love the idea of layering the ratatouille with the fish. BTW, petrale sole is one of my very favorite types of fish!!

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