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July 22, 2006



Poor hot Upsie. My kitties feel your pain. While their fur is not quite as voluminous as yours, I have two long-haired babies who have been sweltering this week too. Stay cool with the margaritas!


It rained here last night. Here's hoping it'll rain at your end as well so Upsie gets some relief. My cats are ssssoooo happy that it's not sweltering anymore!


109!!! That's way too hot for a kitty or anyone else. You DO need a frozen margarita!


Poor Upsie - a margarita sounds like a great idea to cool down.


Ouch! That's hot! Wish I could send some cool fog your way.


Poor Upsie! That's cuckoo-hot!!


upsie is cuckoo-hot! miaow!


hey sher, your cat is a real cutie. but, may i just ask...you mean the fur will turn out this way due to high body temperature? thats like...new to me :p


The day I graduated from UCD was 113 degrees. Black gap & gown are not the things to wear. But poor Upsie. Must be hard to be so furry when it's so hot!


Poor Upsie! With this heat and her thick fur, living in the middle of a heatwave is not very funny!!!



Upsie normally begs to go outside, but she is inside resting on the tile floor in the bathroom, where it's cooler. The heat is breaking records here and should be worse today.


Ah, rain!!! We won't get rain until October or November. We have that crazy California weather that does that kind of thing. It's very strange when you first move here.


Tell me about it!! It's way too hot for me!! I have to go out and water my plants and come back in covered in sweat. Two words: Prickly heat!


I think sitting in a big tub of cold water would be nice!


You used to live here, so you know what it's like. I woke up this morning to the news that the AC failed last night at a nursing home in Stockton, and one elderly person died with another one in critical condition. Horrible.

Jenn & Aria,

I think cuckoo is the perfect word for this!!!! Argh!


I meant that she gets hot because of her fur. I think so anyway. Cats have a different cooling system, as I understand. But, they are in danger of overheating in this weather. Upsie usually loves to go outside, but she didn't want anything to do with it this morning .


Oh I know!! It was the same way when I graduated from law school. We were all threatening to take our clothes off under the gown!! :) We were dripping with sweat and they had us lined up at the rec hall, (you know how that is) in a swealtering hallway.


At least Upsie can come into her house with the AC. I feel sorry for all the homeless kitties, and people, who are hot and might not have cool water to drink.


Upsie, you most certainly have to be one of the most expressive cats I have ever seen!

clare eats

Thanks Upsie and Sher :)
I'd love a Frozen Margarita at the moment, no actually just a plain one ;)


oh, my.

at first, i laughed right out loud, and thought: your cat is so funny!

but then i saw the temperature. so now i have to apologize for laughing. so sorrrrrry.

my advice: dunk her IN the frozen margarita she's begging for. she'll protest at first but thank you later. [don't forget the camera -- just for historical purposes, of course.]

here's praying for a snow storm to flurry down y'all's way!

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