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July 01, 2006



upsie, i think i love you.


Lucky Upsie - personal catnip bush sounds like heaven.


Gosh, that one up there's one scaaaarrrryyyy Upsie! LOL

This kitty really gives me the giggles. Missed you Upsie!


But ants on the tongue are the best part! As long as they are covered in chocolate, that is. :)


The looks you capture on that cat's face! That first photo kills me. I'm glad Upsie has found relaxation methods that work for her. She obviously was a bit...wound up!


Upsie is so #&$A^ pretty!!

Sarah J

What a cute fluffball. I love the tougne stuck out.


Upsie is as sweet as ever, but she also looks slightly terrifying on the first picture!

Sarah J

After a second look I remember what it is Upsie reminds me of in that first picture. He looks like a lion on Animal Planet, staring down the camera man!


That's who Upsie's facial expressions remind me of: Al Swearingen!


LOL. Upsie needs to be in the movies.


i just showed my husband and he said about the 1st pic, and i quote "that cat looks like a baboon". (then i punched him out of course :)


Upsie is one well-loved kitty and it shows.
I hate to admit it, but I live for Sunday evening and the newest episode of Deadwood. My husband just raises an eyebrow in scorn and leaves the room.


upsie, you crack me up!



Upsie loves anyone who loves her!


Yes, some people drink, Upsie sniffs catnip!


Upsie likes to appear scary, but she is big marshmallow inside!


Upsie requests that her ants be dipped in anchovy paste.


Her expression is all in the fur. She can scowl and look lethal.


Yes, she is !^*@$ is! :)


I think Upsie enjoys sticking her tongue out because she does it all the time. And Upsie loves Animal Planet--so she says thanks.


You have made Upsie day if you think she looks terrifying!


You're right!!! She looks like when Al thinks of Hearst! Darn, if only they could kill Hearst.


I wish she would get a nice cushy job on TV or in the movies and pay me back for all the money I spend on Eukenuba cat food!


He's right--she does look like a baboon!


We love Deadwood and think this season is sooooo good. I can't believe that HBO is only greenlighting one more season next year--and it will be just four hours (divided into 2 movies). You know what Al would say about that!


In the first pic it looks like Upsie might be thinking, "you know I love you, but touch my catnip and you'll be minus a few fingers!"

Upsie looks like a real character!



You got it--she is a real character. :)

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