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July 29, 2006



Once again -- priceless! Oh my goodness. I have no idea how you got those to stay on long enough to take the photos.


I was going to say the same thing as Lisa! No way would either of my cats put up with sunglasses on their face for more than 2 seconds--Trixie would shake them off and Colin would want to bite them.

Only Upsie, that fashionista, has the patience for what looks cool!

kross-eyed kitty

OMG!!! That is adorable!!! Upsie is one helluva cool Diva-Cat!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting...love your site, your food pics are making my mouth water!
Ok by you if I add you to my list?


cool, upsie - ice cold! all sunglasses aside, i have to say you have THE most glamorous whiskers in all the land. the second picture just makes me want to kiss that FACE, ahhhh!


Upsie is one cool cat! In all my life, I've not had a cat that would stand for glasses being put on its face. Upsie's got to be the star of WCB!


Upsie is so popular on these here internets, she better where shades, or she's bound to be mobbed by the paparazzi, just like Jack. PS: Why can't I get my three to wear shades??? ;)


Lisa, Shannon, Christine and Kristi,

OK, I will tell how the glasses stayed on Upsie. First, I gave her two shots of tequila.... No, no. Just kidding. They're Bob's glasses for mountain climbing and they fit rather snugly on the head. But, at first Upsie would push them up on her forehead. Finally, she let me put them over her eyes, for about 5 minutes, and she acted very bored. Then she pushed them back up on her forehead!

kross-eyed kitty,

Thank you, I've been wanting to add you to my list too. You always have such interesting weekends, it reminds me of my family. :):)


Upsie's whiskers are so long I could braid them! But, I won't-- don't think she would put up with that.


Upsie, daaaaaaaaaahling. Jackie N isn't your lookalike. It's Jackie O! Now all we need is a nice black scarf and hat...



You have made Upsie's day!! She considers Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn to be the pinnacle of class and style. Now I have to go find her the black hat and scarf! Hope you're having fun--well of course you are!


get a clue, people!

all this week's talk of hot and cold pales in comparison to what upsie so obviously personifies in just one little kitty -- to be really cool you have to be hot hot hot!

and what makes her so very hot is her coolness.

upsie, you are one hot rock 'n rollin' cool babe-a-licious cat!

here's a tickle for your tummy.


Bwah! That cat kills me. Or, I gues sit's you!
Great weather pixie, too.

clare eats

Upsie u r 2 kl 4 skl



Those sunglasses really fit you well, Upsie! I might even add that they give you a certain mystical aura... You look real hot and classy in them!


Very "Tastefully" attired, Dear Upsie. You are one C O O L cat. I look forward, as usual, to your priceless pictures on Weekend Cat Blogging. Glad your weather is not so hot this weekend. It is really HOT here in Virginia.


I hope Upsie got some treats after that!


Heard you have a summer cold. Try hot tea with lemon and honey and get better soon!



Upsie thanks you very much. Wait till you see her next week--all I will say is one word: kayaking.


Thanks--we think Kiri is way cool too.


Oh dear! Now Upsie's head has really turned. She is acting very mystical and insists on watching Project Runway-because she's stylish! :)


Thanks. My throat feels like I swallowed a big rock and its stuck there!!!


So sorry it's hot there in Virginia. It seems like this hot weather is sweeping the world. I love your site, but Blogger won't let me leave a comment. Boo!

Sarah J

HA! Love this pic! Either you're really fast with the camera, or Upsie is very patient!


Sarah J,

Upsie was patient for only a few minutes--then she got fed up. But, she didn't want to look at me, kept turning her head to the side while she had the glasses on. She acted like she was a celebrity or something. :):)

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