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July 31, 2006



What a nice polite girl you were to eat the food even though you hated it. You did your mom proud. ;-)

I love this recipe. It has all my favorite ingredients. Hope your cold goes away very soon!



Summer colds are the worst. I hope you feel better soon. Great picture too, btw.


Very sorry to hear about the cold. I hate getting colds. Do you use Zicam? I swear by it.

The pasta looks great.


I agree with Paz: what a nice, polite child you were.

Pasta and legumes are definitely one of those combinations that sound odd to me although individually I love all the ingredients in this. And I know I should try them together because it will probably turn out I really like them together.

Nice photo too! It's a pretty looking dish.


Hi Sher. Very interesting combination. I like all the ingredients and especially like the idea of substituting arugula for the spinach. Your D.Madison adaptations sound so good to me, I may have to go buy that book. Get well soon!



Now that you point it out, I was a pretty nice little kid!! It all changed when I hit the teen years........


Summer colds are terrible. At least I didn't get a high temperature with this. Just a very sore throat and muscles ache.


Yes, I have used Zicam, but didn't have it. I always find it really helps if I use it quickly, at the beginning of a cold.


I agree, it does sound like an odd combo. Years ago, I suddenly realized that I love soup with pasta and beans, so I started adding beans directly to my pasta--and it was very nice. Both are soft and soothing, a comfort food. But, I sure didn't think so when I was younger!


Deborah Madison is just great. I've never disliked any of her recipes. Her salad dressings are very good, full of different flavors.


Looks yummy, but no arugula to be had in the garden and the stuff at the store is expensive and totally not worth it. Hope you feel better!

kross-eyed kitty

Hmmm...I'd never think to put chickpeas in pasta, but that looks delicious!


yum! this looks so good. i make something similar where i toast the chickpeas in olive oil intill they have a crispy crust and toss them into the pasta at the last minute. yours looks right up my alley too! hopes u feel better soon :( hi upsie-daisy :)


I know exactly what you mean. I love pasta and beans of any kind together. The pasta almost feels naked without them.



Naked pasta--it's just wrong.


Wow Sher, I'm way behind! You've been cooking up a storm. This looks so good; I've been thinking about doing a stew-y thing with garbanzos and greens, but I have linguine in the pantry, and tomorrow is farmer's market, which means arugula...hmmm. Beautiful photo too, making me hungry.

OK, now I have to go post a comment about the BLT...


omg, this looks SO good!
i think i'll wait til fall to make this though...
it's HOT here!
feel better soon!!



You have sooo many things in your garden. Are you going to grow arugula too?

Kross-eyed kitty,

It does seem odd, doesn't it--but it works!


That sounds wonderful. I've had chickpeas fried as a snack, but it never occurred to me that they would be good on pasta. Yum!


Thank you. Hope you got lots of yummy things at the farmers market.


Has it cooled down any? I hope so! It is much better here!

mindy toomay

This recipe is so me! I might use arugula, but would be tempted to substitute broccoli rabe. Might toss in some dried tomatoes for the color punch. Would DEFINITELY open a bottle of pinot noir.

I'm hungry!




Oh yes, the broccoli rabe and dried tomatoes would be excellant additions. This is a very flexible recipe. And that pinot noir sounds pretty darn great too!

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