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July 26, 2006



Don't you hate it with you make a great dish, but the pictures make it look unappetizing? However, I think the picture of the cake is pretty much dead on - it looks nasty. Make the bad people stop!

eqj (the chocolate lady)

Hiya Sher,
I know just what you mean. I get angry about terrible desserts too, especially when you can see they are just sooooo pleased with themselves for drizzling that pattern of syrup over the plate. *grumble, grumble*

Our global climate crisis seems to be hitting you little valley with particular force. I hope you get some relief soon. I would recommend shtshav, except the fragile little sorrel leaves would proabbly sublime directly into the atmosphere.

On a happier note, I love your pasta recipe. walnuts and roquefort--mmmmmmmmm.


Okay those desserts? Are strange. And not appetizing-looking. I thought you were going to say that the "low-carb" sundae your friend ordered was just whipped cream with chocolate on the side...and no ice cream...because that's what the picture looks like! I hope the heat eases up for you out there. Geez. You must be melting, poor dear.


Stay cool, dear!


You can serve me cowpatty linguine any day. I love thought of roquefort and walnuts and nutmeg. Yum!

Yeah, the dessert looks bad. That's because they brought it in frozen on a truck. There's a special name for that kind of frosting and you think you were grossed out by the waxy feel on your teeth? You should see it before it's whipped. It comes (I'm not kidding) in a carton and pours out looking like viscous......I have to stop there. I'm grossing myself out.

Shudder. Save the world from ick desserts. Now if they'd had fried Twinkies...it could have turned out differently.


that "strawberry" "shortcake" is an afront to nature!


Roquefort and walnuts and pasta, oh my! Sounds delish. And the photo's not that bad, really.
Thanks for the heads up re Max's Cafe desserts. Won't go there!


eww and it looks like they shaved cheapo chocolate on top..NO, the pasta sounds delicious though. i'll take one cow patty pls. i'm hiding in th ac today too, it's too hostile out there :/



I wonder if that dessert is actually popular? It would be pretty depressing if that's so.

Chocolate Lady,

The heat has crossed the line from annoying to very dangerous. The amount of people and animals dying each day is horrible. The most vulnerable appear to be elderly men who have no family. Three elderly men died yesterday from the heat. There was no one who checked on them, and they lived in a residential hotel with no AC.


Yes, my friend was stumped when they brought her dessert. At first she dipped spoonfuls of the ice cream into the chocolate sauce on the side. Finally, we decided that was ridiculous--so she dumped it into a bowl.


I'm trying!


Yes, I've heard some very unsettling things about how they make cakes and cookies in some bakeries. A friend of mine worked in a grocery store bakery where they whipped Crisco and powdered sugar together to make "buttercream". UHG!


LOL!! Yes, It is!


I think this is the place that is often called Max's Opera Cafe, but they got rid of the singers. They serve HUGE portions. My shortcake was the samll version. Shudder.


Yes!! The chocolate was nasty. The whole thing was bizarre.


Are you talking about the Max's on Van Ness in San Francisco or is this a local place? I suppose it doesn't matter, the desserts look like crap.


I'm glad your Roquefort meal was good and it saved the day. I'm sooooo sorry your dessert was awful. That's the worst feeling to have a bad dessert. No one expects a bad dessert. :-(



Linguine with Rocquefort looks yummy! I love the look of that green pasta.

Is the roquefort [i haven't had this yet] similar to 'blue cheese'?

I'm like you, i rarely have dessert but if i do have one, it has to be great! Sorry this is not so for you recently. I'm puzzled too with the waitress' description and what's on the plate.


Just the thought of that sauce is making my stomache turn...


Is there anything more discouraging than cooking something really good and not being able to get a decent picture of it? OK, there's lots of things more discouraging but the picture thing is a pretty big annoyance.

Temps between 108 and 112!! I feel for you guys. That is some brutal heatwave.


I guess yours is spinach linguine then (?). I love linguine (love it love it love it!!!) Although I've already had pasta 5 days in a row, after seeing your dish (why linguine goes particularly well with creamy sauce?), no doubt I'll make it tomorrow!
The cream on your strawsberry shortcake... So much want to put it on a bbq stick ... it reminds me marshmallow!

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