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July 24, 2006



110 degrees!! I found two days of 100 degree heat overwhelming, so I can't begin to imagine 110.

This soup looks lovely (love the garnish!) and Mustards Grill should be thanking you for giving their cookbook such glowing publicity. You've made me decide to purchase it and I know I'm not the only one.


Looks delicious, but if it's 110 out I'm not eating anything but popsicles.


Now see - here is a recipe I will probably not try. Not because it doesn't look or sound good, but because the family would revolt if I told them I was going to serve grapes and cucumbers in the same dish. I suppose that I could just feed it to them, then confess...


yummy, right?
almond soup is the greatest summer soup ever!
the color of those sage blossoms is INSANE!!
are they really that fuschia?
what does pineapple sage taste like?


It was near 100 degrees here in Seattle but nothing like what you're going thru! Man, this soup looks tasty. I'm gonna give it a go, once my car is out of the shop and I can grocery shop again.


Last night I talked to a dear friend who also lives in Davis and was told that it's not cooling off at night either. Something that doesn't happen very often. Even though I'm enjoying our sunshine up here, I'm now wishing for the fog so the cooling breezes will be pushed up the delta to cool you guys off.
Beautiful photo, divine sounding soup!


holysmokes, YUM what an interesting soup. i've never seen anything like that before. it sounds *amazing*! i can already imagine how cool and creamy...
hope it cools down soon too, downtown was rediculous on saturday and the AC was out in the whole building - it to 119 in the datacenter because the servers run hot alrdy, major drama. ps - i made your gorditas yesterday SO GOOD :) thx for all the kickass recipes you always post!



Today it will be 108--and they are talking about rolling blackouts this afternoon by the power company! I'm glad you're thinking of buying the Mustards Grill cookbook. I think you will enjoy it.


Popsicles sound FABULOUS to me. In fact, that's the only thing that sounds right to me. Heat takes away my appetite.


You could "forget" to tell them, because it doesn't taste like grapes. :) Bob said the same thing. I asked him to guess what it was made from and he had no clue. It's not too sweet either, sort of has a coleslaw taste--but not exactly. See, it's mysterous!


I don't know why they call it pineapple sage. I should research that. The flowers are indeed that vivid color. I've never used the sage leaves to cook, it's more a landscaping plant. Instead, I use the standard cooking sage, same as everyone else. My hummingbirds love the pineapple sage flowers, by the way. They must be filled with nectar.


The West is really taking a beating and the power supplies are looking dicey. Make that soup, but put your feet in it--very cooling! :)


As you know, the Delta breeze is our saving grace, cooling us down drastically at night, no matter how hot during the day. They say we'll get it back by Wednesday and the daytimne temps will drop into the 90's. I sure hope so. It's actually depressing when it doesn't come THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSED TO!!!! Argh!


Oh good lord!! !19 degrees!! That sounds awful. Well. I'm so glad that the gorditas turned out for you!!! I always worry that people will hate a recipe--although with gorditas, that would be impossible, don't you think? :)


I'm still working up the nerve to try a cold soup, I just seem to keep passing that opportunity up! :)


Mm. Sounds fantastic, and so "true" in a pre-tomato Spain way.
I am just now easing my way back into the kitchen. Funny how a temperature today that's "merely" 15 degrees over normal feels so acceptable, after the 108 we had Saturday (which was, what 25 degrees over normal?).
Anyway! Thanks for this recipe!

Char Buckley

Yum Sher, the soup looks wonderful! It is so hot here in San Diego that I have been making all sort of wonderful cold soups from veggies or fruit! With a hunk of good bread, and a salad, we all feel cooler.I will try your soup, I think Chuck will like it. Thank goodness for AC.


Hope you've not been caught by the brownouts and that you, kitty, and your B stay cool.

Norma Anderson

Sher, I was missing Jay's potato chips myself. When I went to Chicago, I purchased some Jay's chips. They weren't as good as I remember as when I was a child. Now I don't miss having Jay's potato chips.



Just say yes!! I'm sure there's a cold soup waiting for you out there. :)


You're not supposed to get temperatures of 108 in Marin County, are you? That's shocking. It's going to be close to that here today.

Char & Norma,

Folks, these are my two best friends from high school. We were real characters!

Char, thanks for sending me the cold tomato sauce--I'll try it for sure.

Norma, I don't want to believe that about Jays!!! That's too bad. I used to lust after Rosen's rye bread too, and they ruined it.


Thank you, so far no blackouts--but we're not in the clear yet. It's another scorcher today. Just heard that 5 people have died from the heat in the last two days.


To Ann and Sher,
I've used Pineapple Sage to make both vinegar and jelly. It's very good. It's called that because if you crush a leaf it smells of pineapples.



OK, that makes sense! Tomorrow I'll go out and crush some of it under my nose.

eqj (the chocolate lady)

I tried pineapple sage for the first time this year. The batch they had at the market was so pineapple-y that you could smell it from several feet away. Weird! I was sure there must be some pineapples somewhere.


Christine and Chocolate Lady,

Well, you're right!! I just crushed the pineapple sage and smelled a sage/pineapple aroma. So, now I know!! Thanks.


My God, that is beautiful!

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

oh funny, you and I are on the same wave of length, aren't we? I will have to try your nice recipe!

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