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July 05, 2006



You know what I like best about the photos? You can tell how juicy that will be when you bite into it. I love sandwiches that squish and melt in your mouth with something crunchy like onions or pickles for counterpoint. That sandwich has it all. I know what you mean about the rare tuna. You finally got me into sushi and I could sit and it really great quality raw tuna all day long. It's like that juicy tomato buttery tongue feel that's like no other.

Hey, you should do a post of Bob's food--no tomato sandwiches, indeed. More for you--heehee!


This looks soooo good! Now I have a hankering for ahi. And I think I may have to take a look at the Mustard's cookbook. A cook never can have too many cookbooks.


The sandwich looks really good. I've never had ahi tuna. The only tuna steak I've had was completely GROSS and sickening in a French restaurant. Well, nobody said the French could cook EVERYTHING right!


I like your ice cream concoction a lot better than Ben and Jerry's. I think their ice creams are too sweet. I know that sounds weird. The only one I liked was Ooey Gooey Cake, and they discontinued that one several years ago. ;(


are u gonna finish that? yum, i'll have the rest of that sandwich - it looks out of this world! whaaaat, you make your own brioche. sher, you continue to wow me :) ps. did upsie get any tuna?


oh Sher,
even I just had my lunch, I can't drooling! Pretty raw (oooh...) tuna, mayo (aaah...) and brioche buns... gosh the thing merrily melts in my mouth!!! But Sher you so cruel to show me Bob's food...


You know, I never buy tuna but when I look at your picture and read your post I can't tell you for the life of me why I don't. However, you've inspired me! I am going to get some ahi tuna soon and try this.

And I agree with Christine, I have to take a look at the Mustard Grill cookbook. You've made some great things from that.



I did take a picture of Bob's mountaineering food. You can eat lots of candy and nuts when you climb a mountain--and he will come back at least 10 pounds thinner, based on all his other outdoor adventures!


I love this cookbook. I'll be making at least 2 more recipes for a friend's birthday party in a week. I always test new recipes on her. Fortunately, they've always been successful.


I love tuna and it's terrible that your only tuna steak experience was so bad! Ahi is the most popular tuna in this country, as I understand it. It's doesn't taste at all fishy when it's cooked. But, the key is to make sure it's cooked rare. Yummm.


I'm not a big Ben & Jerry fan. My husband loves their Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey, but the only flavor of theirs that I've ever liked is pistachio.


(Whisper) We didn't tell Upsie that we had Ahi. She was in another room sleeping. I didn't want to wake her up. Really! I don't want to sound like I make brioche as a rule..I don't!! But, I should have made buns because the ones I bought at the store were awful. It was an abuse of good Ahi using those buns.


I wish I had another Ahi burger right now! They are so good. Bob's food is really funny. He's carrying lots of chocolate, dried fruit, and nuts in his backpack. You can live off of chocolate and lose weight--if you climb a mountain.


It's even better to go to Mustards Grill. It's such a great place. If Ahi wasn't so expensive I would eat it a lot more often. I think I'm going to buy the Zuni Cafe Cookbook next. I hear great things about it.

Boston Chef

YUMMMM!!!! Those sandwiches look great. Tuna + grill * sandwich = good! It's mathematically proven!

And Ben and Jerry's is always in our freezer - usually Half Baked, Coffee Heathbar Crunch, or Cookie Dough (currently)...


Well Done!

kross-eyed kitty

I adore tomato sandwiches too!
And your vanilla/chocolate ice cream dream looks waaaay tastier than the B&J's!
Curious to hear how the mountain climb went...

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