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July 19, 2006



Great meme. It was fun to stroll down memory lane with you. Funny thing-I loved tater tots as a kid, but have no desire for them now. French fries, however, are another story. I'm definitely considering myself tagged for this one.



I could never give up french fries, that's for sure!!!!! Tator Tots are part of my guilty pleasures, dating from when I was a child. I had almost forgotten about them until I saw Napolean Dynamite--then I remembered how much I liked them as a kid.


Ha! I accept your challenge and am busily scribbling on post-it notes!
By the way, it's not just Tater Tots I miss. It's the Sonic Tater Tots with the noxious chili, cheese, and onions. Oh yeah, baby. I don't miss the stomach ache and flatulence that accompany that little fast food venture, though, so I never eat that anymore. I have to maintain a little self-respect.


Amazing how some memories lay dormant for years and pop to the surface unexpectedly isn't it? I was just thinking about Buckeye Potato chips - a defunct local brand that my dad favored. I can still remember their greasy goodness...yummmmmmm


I'm tagging myself, too - interesting meme idea! Food memories... they're strong and so evocative of the times they hail from.


mmm. i remember the one time i had a Beignets we were out all night in new orleans, somehow got some fresh from a bakery, and ate them watching the sunrise over the water. oh ya, and 'tots' as napolean dynomite calls them are so yummy. one day i'll get to the french laundry, one day......


The custard place in Lafayette sounds like Jarling's Custard Cup here in Champaign. Gorgeous "homemade" ice cream. I must post a photo of my favorite item, the creme de menthe milkshake, soon. It's so godawful hot, this would be an ideal time to go get one.

The gumbo-making sounds so wonderful. What a cherished memory. Thanks for sharing this list!


Sorry to hear about your aunt Scotty. I hope she's on the road to recovery.
Great post despite your distractions. Love those cherries!


The beignets at Cafe du Monde are incredible, I can eat a whole plate by myself.


S'kat--I'm pretty sure you left a comment that you wouldn't give up french fries and I agreed with you. It has somehow disappeared!!! Gone into the ethernet. Or did I dream that?


I tried not to think of chili cheese sauce on tots or fries--and now you bring it up!!!!

Rosie and Anne,

Food and songs--they are buried in our minds forever!!! And they sure do make the past real again.


I remember the first time I had beignets at the Cafe Du Monde--my husband accidentally inhaled the massive amount of powdered sugar on top of them and nearly choked to death. It was quite dramatic.


Thank you for enjoying the gumbo memory. I would love to see that milkshake at Jarlings.


She had a partial hip replacement yesterday and is driving all the nurses crazy with her Ya-Ya behavior. She refuses to wear a hospital gown, has to have her silk PJ's, needs a manicure, better magazines, etc.


Yes, it's so easy to scarf down one of those huge plates of the beignets, isn't it? Have you ever had a Debris Sandwich at Mother's?


sorry to hear what had happened to your aunt, hope she gets well (and get out of hosiptal) soon!
Beignets and oyster! I want to live in New Orleans!!!


This was a great post. The part about your mother's gumbo was particularly poignant. And good lord, those were some amazingly large quantities she made.

Get well wishes for your Aunt Scotty. Breaking a hip is a hard thing to go through.


Never had a Debris Sandwich, sounds intriguing though. I need to head down to N'awlins soon.


Tater tots for sure!


Gattina & Julie,

Thanks for the good wishes for Scotty. She is doing pretty good--and was shipped off to rehab today. Now time will tell how she will handle things, but she is getting a lot of support. And yes, Julie--my mom made huge amounts of gumbo! :):)


Mothers makes mind blowing home style food. The debris sandwich is a roast beef sandwich with all the juicy, crusty debris from the roasting pan sprinkled on top of the sandwich. YUM! They also make the pork cracklings of your dreams, which they use to garnish your plate. They don't garnish with parsely--they use cracklings. :)


For sure!!!! :):)

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