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June 09, 2006



I'm not a big fan of the polents logs, but whenever I make polenta I always make enough so there will be leftovers and I can spread them out on a sheet pann and cut it with a small biscuit cutter for gnocchi all romana the next day.


That is whay i'm talking about. you always make me hungry. looks awesome.


You said the magic words: butter, cream, and cheese. Lordy, I'm about to have a Meg Ryan moment right here right now with all the windows open so the neighbors might hear.


It looks wonderful, but then all your food looks wonderful. The thyme sprigs are a great garnish. I LOVE the flavor of fresh thyme, and one of my sisters doesn't like thyme ata= all. Go figure.


I love the white sauce with spinach and thyme, sound superb! Thanks for the idea.
Oh yeah, nothing will stop us having extra cheese! Can't go on top, tuck it under... bravo!



This is the first time I've actually liked the prefab stuff. I guess baking in the sauce did the trick.




Uh oh!! Don't want to scare the neighbors! :):)


Yes, I love thyme too. The fresh thyme also tasted very good with the polenta.


I'm always good with extra cheese! Have to admit, I often order pizza or burgers with extra cheese.


I've never tried polenta but yesterday, i saw some in the Farmers shop and bought a packet. I'm searching my cookbooks for a recipe. This one looks great - and i love thyme. The photos are lovely especially the third one!


You know, French painter Monet created his major pieces after his sight started to decline. It appears your eye problems had the same effect on your cooking. this looks gorgeous. It is such a creative and tasty way to prepare polenta.



Thank you--that was such a nice thing for you to say!



Thank you--that was such a nice thing for you to say!


That looks really good. Yes, you do need to enhance the rolls of polenta but they can be quite good once accomplished

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