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June 10, 2006



upsie, cut it out already! you think we don't know that you know how cute it is when you flash those fangs?


Too funny! She is gorgeous. Would it be indelicate to inquire how much Upsie weighs?? I'm not sure I've ever seen a cat that large, and I've had large cats! Although -- the camera DOES add 15 pounds, everyone knows that.



Thank you--I want to look fierce to the vermin, but it's good that I look cute to people. That way I get treats.



Upsie is certainly big--but she's not as big as she looks. Well, to me that is, she is sure heavy when I pick her up. The last time the vet weighed her she was around 14 pounds. I think she looks heavier than that! It's all that fur!


I hear that, about the fur! Phoebe, my fluffy girl, is tiny (only 7.5 lbs.), but she looks like she weighs more because of all that hair.

I think Georgie (he appeared in the Care to Share My Hammock? post) weighs around 14 also. But he has short hair. I'll have to photograph George reclining sometime and see if he looks...bulky. :)


That cat is hilarious.


Upsie, well, let me tell you that your pictures are worth a lot more than $4 million bucks, because you really know how to pose in front of the camera and you are sooo sweet with your big eyes and fluffy fur ! Let's also not forget your skills as tomato protector...


After guarding the tomatoes so vigorously, I can't wait to see the post in which Upsie makes her own salsa fresca later in the summer!

Cate O'Malley

Gorgeous, gorgeous kitty!


Upsie rocks the house yet again. I love her colouring!


Upsie can be the next Cat Fancy pinup gal! I'm sure they'll pay lots for her sweet pixs.

clare eats

Oh Upsie you gorgeous gal
you are so fierce!


Upsie is the world's best garden-protector. With those facial expressions, I wouldn't go NEAR your garden! ;)



Long hair on a cat can be deceiving. I've had long hairs that look big, but when you gave them a bath and the long hair was plastered against their body--it was pitiful!


At times she is, at others times........

Cate & S'kat,

Upsie says (in her best Elvis voice) Thank you--thank you very much.


Hey!! Great post idea. I'll get Upsie busy, learning how to chop and dice.


Well, Upsie does wonder why she hasn't been asked to be in Cat Fancy. She thinks her agent (me) is lousy. |


I think Tyra Banks would say that Upsie has really got the fierce thing going on.


I think it will scare tomato worms--but aren't they blind?

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