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June 07, 2006


gabriella true

my children might starve without quesadillas. You can put everything in them! and what two year old does not like melted cheese? what 34 year old does not like melted cheese?


Quesadillas absolutely rock! I'm fond of squash, red onions, tomatoes and smoked mozzarella.


I think I might have to have quesadillas for breakfast, they look so good!



I think quesadillas are a very reliable dish. I've never found anyone who dislikes them. And they are great for kids.


I'm adding a little smoked cheese to lots of my dishes lately. It adds an extra taste to that's very nice. Even just a little adds more flavor.


I love quesadillas for breakfast!!!


OMG-I LOVE quesadillas. My friend received a quesadilla maker for Christmas, and hers are delicious, even though I'm a far less adventurous eater than you are. I prefer mine with just cheese and chicken.


What a coincidence,I'm making smoked turkey quesadillas tonight! By the way I've been messing around with the corn cake/arepa recipe lately and guess where they reheat best? In the toaster!


We love quesadillas in this house although I don't know if they are "true" quesadillas. Our often have spinach, black beans, cheese, green onions, and then tomato slices and salsa on top of them. I guess they are more like burritos that are shaped & cooked like quesadillas!


Kristi & Shannon,

The thing I love about quesadillas is that you can put almost anything in them!!! I've had them simple and traditional--and wild and crazy.


I think using a toaster to reheat them is a great idea!! It would make them more like they are when you first cook them. I will try that for sure. Thanks.


oh Sher,
please give me the one with green onions!!! Gosh! They all look delicious! I got to try!


oh god... I just write about being healthy and then I come here and see you writing about quesadillas. *groan* I guess I'll have to dig out my mother's light recipe for it.


Another quesadilla fan here.

One of my favorites is chopped and drained marinated artichoke hearts with sauteed red bell pepper, shrimp, and pepper jack cheese.


I love quesadillas, yours look great (Lots of green, it makes up for all the cheese). That's really the type of dish you can get comfortable will and make your own version. A bit like a pizza



Go to it!! The green onion version was incredibly easy.


Maybe you could post your mom's recipe? Sounds good.


Wow!! That sounds goood. I'll have to try that.


Yes, it is like a little personal pizza.


great alternative to a traditional toasted sandwich!



Yes, it is! I made them tonight, in fact. When you're really rushed, they save the day.


First time visitor. Your Quesadillas look absolutely delicious !

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