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June 12, 2006



I love parsnips, they're like super carrots.


Delicious! I got all caught up with purees in late winter but paired with the fish, this somehow sounds summery!


i'd toss a few peas in there for their bright greeniness
what a great combo... and beautiful colors!
hopefully the cool nyc weather will keep up so i can continue cooking and try something like this!



I really enjoyed them. I may try to grow them, but I understand they need cold weather. Not sure if ours is sufficient. Have you grown them?


This purree was very easy and it had such a good taste. I made the puree in the morning and it was a snap.


Yes, I was planning on making sauteed chard as a side, but forgot to buy it! I think the color and flavor of greens would be great with this dish.



I'm going to put in a couple rows come late summer, they're one of those root veggies that will overwinter in the ground.



From what I read, they need to be exposed to cold while they're in the ground for the sugar levels to rise. I suppose our winters may be cold enough.....


I even can't remember when I had parsnips, but after reading your recipe and the comments here I believe it's just wonderful. I definitely will do the balsamic glaze onion first, seems it just great to go with many other dishes. But 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar sound quite a lot...



The amount of the vinegar does sound like a lot, but it worked out fine. I liked the onions very much. We had some left over and I used them in sandwiches made with sausages on crispy rolls. Very good!

kross-eyed kitty

mmmmm...that looks delicious!
And your WCB pics are adorable! That is one fierce looking kitty...you are bound to have a wonderful, and pest-free garden this summer!


That looks like a truly delicious meal.


kross-eyed kitty,

I'm leaving on a 2 week vacation Friday--and Upsie won't be allowed out much while I'm gone--so who knows what will happen!!!!


Thank you!! We enjoyed it very much.


This looks SOOOO GOOOOD. It almost makes me wish I wasn't a vegetarian. Sigh.

I enjoyed looking it over, anyway! You could use the onions on a lot of things, actually. Thanks for the gorgeous photo!


I've just made this onion, it's soooooo good! You're right, that amount of vinegar just worked out fine, really not much left now!
But I have a question... your glazed onion has a lovely red color, is it from the vinegar? My balsamic vinegar's color likes ink!
I made a herb & potato burger to go with your onion, I think it's super! Just asking... I want to send it to WHB, and definitely will link your recipe, is it okay with you? It's totally fine if you don't like it :) Once again, thank you so much for this wonderful recipe!



Thank you. You could make just the parsnips and onions. I think they were the best part of the dish, actually.


It's a great compliment that you made the recipe! I'm so happy that you liked it. Please feel free to do that anytime and if you want to link to me, that's great too. Did you use red onions? I think that helps them with the color. I was wondering if they would turn out looking nice and red like they did in Food & Wine and I was lucky that they did. Balsamic vinegar is very dark, so I was worried. I used mine on sandwiches the next day and they were great, so I would love to see what you did with yours1


This looks really good, Sher! I particularly like the idea of the glazed red onions.

I would never have thought of pureeing parsnips. Whenever we've had them, we've always julienned them and roasted them with a little olive oil and salt and pepper (and maybe a little nutmeg)

Why oh why don't I remember to get parsnips more often? When I was a kid, I couldn't stand them (but then, I couldn't stand just about every vegetable). I really like them now though.

Thanks for posting this recipe.


P.S. Are those beets on the side?


My pleasure :D... I like most of you dishes, which are also what I make at home. Sher, I didn't use red onion (darn!), you'll see my pics later, not even half as good looking as yours. But don't get me wrong, their taste is wonderful. I think I'll post it tomorrow or Friday.
Too bad the stores I usually go to don't carry very fresh seafood, I'll take my time and try out the fish sometime later. Again, thanks for sharing this easy recipe!


Isn't it such a shame that parnsips are so unknown and wasted? It's wonderful that you've racked up some interest for such a neglected vegetable. This recipe looks absolutely marvelous! One question though, what kind of wine would you serve? I've been making parnsip puree for years with a variety of meat and poultry roasts but can never get a lock on a good accompanyment.



It seems like months ago (because of my vacation) but I remember your version of the onions looked wonderful! Glad it worked out.


Yes, when I talk to people about parsnips, most say they haven't eaten them in years. As for a wine to serve with them, not sure.

Lisa Li

I just ran across this recipe and wondered about the advanced prep. After preparing in the morning, do you warm up on stove-top or in microwave?


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