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June 05, 2006



The chicken looks delicious, as for the tile floor, what kind of shoes are you wearing, and don't you think you might need to put down some mats on the rubber grippy things? My mother keeps asking me to put in a tile floor in her kitchen and this is exactly why I keep putting it off. (she's pushing 70 and just had her ACL done last year).


Take care of yourself!


Awww, poor Sher! I hope your various sore body parts are on the mend! I know what it's like to have old injuries flare up--my broken ankle from last year is sore as I write this, just because the weather is humid! Stupid body, always betraying us!



Yes, I was talking to a friend yesterday about getting different shoes. I forgot to mention that these falls always involve small amounts of water being on the tile. The shoes I wear are those hiking sandals. You would think they would grip better--but I think the design is made for hiking on dirt and rocks--not wet tile. So, I need a different shoe for the house. DON"T let you mom get the tile.


Thank you. I'm going to start using trekker poles around the house. :):)


Once you injure yourself it's like a car that gets body work. It may look OK, but it's never the same. My knee was operated on to repair the meniscus, but it's developed arthritis now and I walk like an old lady during the rainy season. Oh well--I could have much worse problems than this--so I should just deal with it and not whine.


oh dear, please take care! and hope your shoulder will get better very soon! My previous house had tiles in kitchen, just a drop of water on it could cause me a bad fall!
Btw, your chicken dish looks very authetic and delicious!


Such a great recipe, and of course, an awesome picture. I too bit the dust this weekend, this time in my garage, tripping over our pool cover, which my husband was washing in the driveway. I have a lovely skinned elbow and knee. Hope you aren't too wounded!


Sounds yummy ! Take care of yourself.




Yes, that was what caused my fall--a few drops of water!!! Scary!!


Yikes, we don't want you to fall--it's you and Beastie that would go through that.


Thank you. I'm watching my step. :)


Sorry to hear about your fall! This chicken looks fabulous, and I love ginger so much that I doubt if the amount called for will seem too much. I'm uncertain about fish sauce, though. Hate to say I've never used it, so I'm not sure what the flavor is. Why don't I try this recipe and find out? Good idea.

I see this comes from Food & Wine; I got a subscription to the mag for my birthday and am eagerly looking forward to the first one.


that chicken looks delish!! I love ginger so it's definitely got my vote! I think ill be making this recipe sometime soon.
BTW hope you get better quickly : )


That looks really yummy, I can almost smell the ginger !! Hope your feeling better!



Sorry not to answer sooner! Fish sauce is one of those great Asian flavors that combine with others beautifully, and complement contrasting tastes. I love it.


Thank you, I am feeling better, just a little ache in my shoulder.


Oh, I really do love this dish because of the ginger. I always feel better after eating something with ginger.

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