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June 30, 2006



Oh, this sounds deliciously cool. Tomatoes aren't here in abundance yet, but maybe I could find enough. I'm wild for lemongrass so that really does it for me also. And it's supposed to be ungodly hot this weekend...


The lemongrass adds a wonderful tang to the soup. My husband ate the last of it today and he loves it. AND.....our AC died a couple hours ago! If they can't fix it today, I may be fixing cold soup every day.


Oh, I just sent you an e-mail saying I hoped the AC would last the weekend!! Sorry to hear it. It's dreadfully hot here too, but my AC is great. Hope on a plane and come up. (Oh, you just got back in town didn't you?)

Oh well, I guess you will have to eat cold soup to stay cool and this sounds fantastic. I love the idea of lemongrass. I have lemon verbena, which I hear you can sub for it.


What if one cannot find yellow tomatoes? Will a certain kind of red tomato work, or does it have to be yellow? I'm unsure of the flavor of yellow tomatoes vs. other kinds. Just wanna make sure before I embark on this deliciousness!

eqj (the chocolate lady)

Looks so lovely. I will be trying this. A few more months before 'spach season here in New York--I am looking forward. It's this weirdly poignant feeling, y'know? I want the height of the summer to come, but I also want it not to come too soon, becuase then it's over so soon.


This sounds so delicious. Would it be as good hot?
I'm so sorry you're sweltering in the heat without an air conditioner, but up here in the fog, cold soup sounds, well, cold!


look very refreshing! Is it Thai basil in your bowl? I love this herb!
btw, I did your balsamic vinegar glazed red onion again, to go with grilled meat, splendid! All my friends loved it!


I'm always on the lookout for meals which are not fattening yet are still satisfying. I'm also not much of a fan of traditional gazpacho but this looks much more interesting and inviting. Yum!


I would love to have a bowl of that right this minute. It looks so refreshing. I've just been outside and it's 96 degrees. Ick!



Well, the AC did work so far. But, it's in the hands of fate as to how long it will last. Hopefully, it will keep on working this week until a crucial part is delivered to fix it.


You can use any old color tomato that your sweet little heart desires! :) It would be just as good (maybe better) if you used red tomatoes. The yellow give it a different look, but I think any tomato works.

eqj (the chocolate lady)

Oh yes, I understand that feeling all too well. I feel that about spring and summer. Out here spring goes by far too quickly. And summer is my time for tomatoes and basil--so I hate to see it end.


I've never had it hot, but you could try it and see. What an interesting experiment! I think I would heat up the broth and add the veggies just before serving.


Yes, that was Thai basil you saw there. So far, I'm growing 4 types of basil and I think the Thai basil is the most resiliant in the heat. And it looks so pretty.


I really liked this, in part because of the lemongrass. And it was a little more delicate than standard gazpacho.


Yes, a cold, tart soup like this tastes so good on a hot day.


Looks very refreshing.I also used lemon grass flavour for tea. Your recipe sounds interesting.


look forward to more of your splendid basil dishes :)... 4 types, wow! Love to hear more about them when you have time.
I have one purple (stem) Thai basil in my yard, just learnt how to grow it from some Singaporean pals on internet. Yes, they love hot sun.


We grow Lemongrass at home here in Australia. It spreads into a ralely large clump & ours is 8 or 9feet tall now. I'm surprised that you say the lemongrass you smelt had little scent. Ours is quite pungent, but perhaps because we break a little piece off to release the fragrance. I have not used this in soapmaking yet as I don't think it is a fragrance that appeals to many even though it is very lemony in its own way. I use mainly for asian cooking. If you do a recipe with it, I would be very interested though.

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