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May 24, 2006



I'm not big on regular rice or pasta, but I love*love*love the crunchy yumminess of wild rice. The salad looks killerf!

Asparagus aspirations is almost over at Seriously Good- you should send this to Kevin for the round-up!


As always, gorgeous photos. Mouthwatering.

Also, I love that you are buying from MN and the traditional ways of harvesting - by doing so, not only are you supporting people, you are also supporting a more natural ecosystem.

I made your corn cakes, by the way. They were fabulous! Thank you for a recipe I will be keeping for all time.


Seriously yum!


Sounds delicious, but then Deborah's food always is. I think I'd opt for the watercress over the cabbage, as much as I like cabbage.



Thanks for telling me about Kevin over at Seriously Good. As you can see, I took your advice and sent my link over there. :):)


I'm so glad you enjoyed the corn cakes. It's always gratifying to see that others enjoy a recipe too. Sometimes I worry that people will fix something I raved about and say, "She thought this was good??"


Thank you, Ms. G!!!!


I was thinking this morning how watercress is better than the cabbage. For one thing, it looks better. And it has more taste. I'm a big fan of water cress.


This looks like yet ANOTHER Sher keeper! Oh, I too will be making the corn cakes sometime this week! I'm sure they'll be great.


where can you buy this wild rice?
is it something to look for on the box, or is it somethind i'd have to order over the internet?



Not only are the corn cakes delicious--they are very easy. That's always a good thing. Let me know how they turned out.


Some stores do carry wild rice from Minnesota, where Native American harvest it. It will state that on the label. I've found it in my grocery store, and at my local Farmer's Market. You can also get it over the Internet, but I would bet you can find it in a store in NYC. Of course, I always think NYC must have everything!! :):) But, I've never lived there, so what do I know!


Looks really good, I love raw napa cabbage.


I love the sound of this. Also I need to look for dark sesame oil, so thanks for the reminder.


this looks so delicious! your blog is beauiful, great pics. i love the seasonal recipes. u have officially been bloglined :)

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