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May 19, 2006



Not a tuna fan here, but definitely an oregano fan! Very impressed that you grow your own. And Nigella? Is fabulous. But storing the dregs of her guests' wine glasses? That's kind of gross.


Yay! Rare Tuna! There's no reason to ruin perfectly good fish by cooking it until it flakes, with carry-over heat, by the time you get flaky fish to the table it's dry. Boo! As for storing the dregs of wine, I'm not that bad, but I do make vinegar from the bottles and glasses I don't finish and my freezer is full of chicken carcasses, shrimp shells and meat bones for the stock pot.

I wish it was hot and dry enough here to make growing oregano worth it.


Mmmmm Tuna... ooh la la! I love my tuna rare too - nice pairing with cherry tomatoes. *drooling*



As I recall, she said she collects the wine from the glasses and freeze it, using it in recipes calling for wine. :):) I thought that was a bit much. I'm sure the cooking would sterilize the wine. But still.....


That's a great idea of making vinegar with the left over wine. I hate to throw it away, so I always try to make some kind of stew calling for wine.


Thank you Mae. Boy, you have a nice site! The picture of the Tom Yum soup had me drooling.


I'm amazed to hear that anyone actually has leftover wine. I am not familiar with the concept of leaving wine unimbibed. :)


We must be channeling each other because I'm also doing tuna with cherry tomatoes for WHB. Yours sounds great; love the idea of the tomato butter.

I must confess my freezer is also pretty much stockpiled with stuff to use in recipes. Some people say I'm a little obsessed with it.


tomatoes + butter = tomato butter?
where did i miss this most logical of equations??
i think my head might explode with the wonderful possibilities of combining my favorite vege (ok, fruit) with my favorite fat, damn, its just too amazing to comprehend!
thanks Sher!



Well, then you might be horrified to learn that I poured an entire, freshly opened botte of Corona beer into a bowl and put it out for the snails last night (no lime). And it killed over 12 of the little bastards.


You and I often share the same thoughts on our recipes for WHB. :)

I had the best of intentions in keeping everything labled properly that went into my freezer. But, someone stole my Sharpy pen and freezer labels (others say I misplaced them) and it was all downhill after that.


I had the same reaction when I made the tomato butter. "Hey, this is too easy...wow, this tastes great!" I must admit, I spread some of it on bread and it was yummy that way. So yummy I had to tell myself, "Put the butter knife down and walk away...walk away!"


I think your dish is gorgeous! I can't wait to try making tomato butter!

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