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May 05, 2006



Thanks for re-inspiring me about the tortillas. I made them last fall, sans press, and was sans-impressed. And the salad looks terrific, I love-love rotisserie chickens and now my grocery has started doing rotisserie breasts too. And it "calls for" cilantro!


Yum! I love fresh tortillas. I'm usually impatient about waiting for the masa to rest and it makes it hard to seperate from the plastic. I love Rick's recipes, but I have to say he lost mucho respect from me when he did that Burger King commercial.



Thank you for dropping by.. I commented on your 'comment' so check back.


Can I include your site to one of my 'links?' I want more people to experience these dishes (even though we can only eat them visually).



Yes, a good rotisserie chicken can be so reliable when you're rushed. You know, I've tried to make tortillas by patting them out and I can't do a good job. But, the best tortillas I ever had were hand made in Guatemala. They ground the corn by hand and patted out small thick tortillas. Delicious. But, I need the press.


I don't always let the tortilla dough rest either. Do you use heavy plastic, like from a Ziploc bag when you press the dough? That works much better for me than Saran Wrap. Yeah, that was strange when Rick did that BK commercial



I use ziplocs like you do. I got the tip from a friend's housekeeper in Texas. Have you ever made arepas? They're similar to tortillas, only a lot thicker. I had some great ones at a restaurant in Brooklyn a couple weeks ago with butter and melted queso fresco and they were awesome. Maybe I should make some and do a post?



I've never had arepas, but now I want to. I think a post on them would be great!


Yum, this sounds just wonderful. Am I hearing this right? Rick Bayless did a Burger King Commercial? How disappointing.
Once again, I love the sound of what you're cooking.


Oh God, I love these. Please come to my house and cook for me today. I have some leftover roasted chicken even. Okay fine. I'll have to make them myself. Thanks for making this dish, Sher. You inspired me.


That is an unbelieveably cute taco holder! I think all I ever used in my life were those cheap El Paso plastic holders (bright yellow). I've never made my own tortillas but I do have some masa harina I've not touched yet. Maybe I'll make some. :)

Cate O'Malley

The tacos look delicious - and I love the cute taco holder!


Nerissa and Cate'

I'm so glad you both like my taco dog. In the past I would have bought him as a gift for someone else and then sulk because everyone else gets cute stuff, but not me. So, I decided to buy cute things for myself (if it was reasonably priced). The taco dog is from Sur La Table, and he only cost $15.

And Nerissa--hope you make your corn tortillas!



Apparently Rick Bayless bought Burger King's pitch to him that their Southwestern sandwiches were low in fat, so it would be a good thing for him to endorse. He got a lot of critcism, to say the least.


Wish we were close enough to cook fo reach other!


I need this taco holder. And thanks for the idea of chicken tacos--I am not a big taco meat fan.



Hi sher,
I am taking this posting for refrence to save time and typing.Hope you will agree for making tortillas.Your post on Good Times are simply inspiring.see your posting again.
best wishes.



Gabriella True

oh my god. where on earth did you unearth that dog!! it is too divine. LOVE IT!



I liked this recipe because the meat is balanced by the other ingredients. It was very nice. And since it was room temp--didn't have to worry about it getting cold!


Thank you!! Hope you enjoy it.


Hmm, I bet I could use it to serve other kinds of bread.


Thank you. I got it from Sur La Table. They have a lot of nice things like this.

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