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May 27, 2006



Awww, poor Upsie, you are definitely better kitty centrefold material than those kittens.


What a funny face! Sooo cuuutttteee. I'd be hugging the poor creature if he was mine.


Upsie, you big ham! You're too cute!


Upsie- you need a calendar. You're the most photogenic kitty (along with Kiri) that I know!


Upsie's tongue is becoming as famous as Gene Simmons' these days, hee hee!


Seriously, I snorted diet coke out of my nose when I saw that 1st picture! Now I have to clean my keyboard!

kiri eats

poor Upsie you are so much sexier than any of those young thangs... they wouldn't know a great coat of fur if it was on there own back


hahahaHA, omg thats a hilarious pic! that is one seriously fluffy kitty, i love it!


Sher, your feline is fabulous! I have a very fluffy one, too. She has yet to make it onto WCB but I hope to remedy that next week.

Your blog is beautiful! Wow. I can't wait to try the corn pancakes and the lemon-herb chicken. Thanks for sharing.

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