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May 06, 2006



Upsie, you look so Elizabeth Taylor! Work it!


Upsie looks really, really, really happy about the hat.


Upsie is ready to go clubbing at Studio 54 in with Bianca Jagger circa 1978! Instead of cocaine, Upsie will be snorting bonito flakes in the mirrored bathroom. :)


Man, Spot's sittin' here licking his chops. He could be all over some of that! ;) Mrrrr-rrrrorrrw!


Glenna, Steven, Shannon, and s'kat,

I swear you all lifted my spirits and made me giggle, laugh, and guffaw, on a day where I was close to tearing my hair out. (I spent 3 days writing an article and discovered, just before deadline, it needed a total re-write.)

Yes, Upsie's role model is Liz Taylor, she loves the hat, will try snorting bonito flakes (me too), and wants some loving from Spot. I want a margarita!


I don't think I want to tick Upsie off. I think I'd wither under the scornful glance.

clare eats

I just LOVE that hat!


Why, WHY won't my cats wear apparel? They could look as fabulous as Upsie. They just don't know what they're missing.


Upsie is very chique looking in her turban; she's a lovely cat!


She's lovely and furry! You must have to brush her a lot, eh?

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