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May 22, 2006



Wow. These dishes all look so healthy. I love the color of the soup, and I think it's so cool you grew your own beans. Bravo!


What an absolutely gorgeous dish! I saw some of these in our local market yesterday and almost bought some. I'm a little leery because my first (and last) attempt with favas several years ago ended up tough and tasteless. Maybe I'll try again! Thanks for the lovely pictures.


Wow, sixty pounds of favas. At local prices, that's about $140! Don't forget to take good care of the plants as I think you'll get a second harvest come Fall. If you have any left, Fava,Pea and Mint soup is an option.


woops, didn't read for content I guess, I got so excited about the staggering yield. Well you can plant the again I suppose.


Yummm!! Fresh favas are fantastic, aren't they?

That pasta looks fabulous.


Calendula & Concrete

Oh my goodness, that pappardella dish looks soooooo good! There's a member of our community garden who grows fava beans. They seem to grow pretty well here. I think I might give them a try!



Thanks, but this is one crop that pretty much did all the work itself--wait I sure did a lot of shelling. OK, I'm going to pat myself on the back! :):)


I'm so sorry that you got bad favas. I hope you have the experience someday of tasting them when they are the way they should be.


Yes, I was certainly aware of how much they would have cost if I bought them in the store!! I wish I had a nice big yard like you. I'm sure you remember how tiny yards are here in CA! But, I will plant them again this Fall.


Thank you. I do love favas. I shelled the last of them today. Ah well! If I had them any time I wanted, they might not be as exciting.


I was so surprised at how easy they are to grow. And harvesting them is sooo easy. None of the hidden pods, like you often have with green beans. The favas are right out there, big as life, shouting at you to pick them!

Gabriella True

wow. you grew them? that is beyond fabulous.

Those noodles look so beautiful too.


Sher, The yard may be small, but as I remember it, Davis is a beautiful town.


how many times do i have to tell you that your blog is the first thing ever (and i mean EVER) to make me seriously (and i mean SERIOUSLY) jealous of the west coast lifestyle?
60 lbs of un-shelled favas?
dear me!
i think even my dyed in the wool east coast mother would begin to feel a little, dare i say, green, with jealousy over such a yield!



I almost feel embarassed at how easy it was to grow them. :) But, thank you. And try those noodles--they are great.


Thank you. It's a small town, and relatively easy going. But, it would be nice to have a bit more growing space like you.


I should have taken a picture of what it looks like after you shell and peel 20 pounds of favas. It's a lot less than what you start out with, believe me! And I have to admit, my wrist started to bother me from shelling almost every day. Now, that sounds pathetic, doesn't it? I envy you be able to explore NYC.

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