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May 13, 2006



Totally agree, I prefer going with the pre-made indian sauces because I just don't have the knack for making it from scratch


I just got a gift certificate for Wm-Sonoma, maybe I should order a few jars of the Tikka Masala sauce and then get a spice mill with the rest! Regardless, this chicken recipe looks fantastic. Man, there is nothing that a can of coconut milk won't make delicious.



THANK YOU!!!!! And this comes from a man who will be a professional chef with his own show on the Food Network (at the very least).


Obviously, I'm totally biased in favor of the WS simmering sauce, but do try it. The most popular dish in the UK!! Who would have thunk it? Yes--about the coconut milk.


This makes me drool! I wish I could get the spices here to make me some tonight. At Wal-Mart, I can get a pre-made paste, but I've only tried the korma, which isn't too bad. I'm going to have to get the Tiki sauce, though!


hehe..so agree about the coconut milk. I mean, there's whole generations of children who've grown up thinking that veggies are yum because their mums simmered them in coconut milk with a few onions. Beat that hey: Pro - hmm...vitamins, fibre etc. Con - err...total cholesterol overload bwahaha!!

Anyway, I meant to comment that maybe your recipe sold you short which is maybe why you didn't get the flavour hit. Try toasting the coriander and cumin before pounding, (ie. heat over low heat, stirring, in a pan, until fragrant) That should help heaps...but maybe try somebody elses' recipe next :-) Life's too short for recipes that don't work!! (Incidentally, Charmaine Solomon is the best bar none for Asian recipes..)


Susan is correct, the recipe should have called for the spices to be toasted. Thats Indian Food 101!



Once again, great job.

Perhaps next time you could send one via FedEx. lol



Maybe there is a Williams-Sonoma near you, that is where the simmering sauce I used came from. A friend bought it as a gift for me--so I have no idea how much it cost.

Susan & Steven,

Yes, the recipes I usually make call for the toasting. This did have you cook the spices, but it wasn't a real toasting, I don't think.

Thanks Albert!! :):)

Gabriella True

and how much is a Piece of Ginger???

and I am Totallly going to try that WS sauce.

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