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May 01, 2006



Looks delicious, I love favas.


Hi Sher, I saw a similar recipe on Iron Chef last Saturday. It looks really good!
Plus beans are really nutritious, very healthy!
Your cat is so funny, he always pulls out the most hilarious faces!


That looks delicious. This year I hopefully have favas on my own.



I do too. They were so easy to grow, I'll do it again next year.


Hey, I'm cooking like an Iron Chef? Alright!


I hope we will see some of your fava beans recipes? I am always interested in how people cook them.


Can I just tell you that Upsie is one of the most photogenic kitties I've ever seen? I love her! And great recipe too.


Am still looking for fava beans! Though of course I guess I could grow some ... like you!


I love fava beans. The ones in Turkey are very fresh, no need to peel them. But the ones here in Algeria are so big. I bought some last week,didn't know that they should be peeled. Having cooked , I peeled them! Because they didn't taste well.
So thanks a lot for this great tip. I will peel them after blanching from now on ;)


I've never had fava beans and have no idea what they taste like. I'm a bit particular about my beans. Any good comparison in terms of taste and texture?


Sher am I correct in thinking that favas produce 2 crops a year? I think you're in for some more come fall.


oh my god, how do you get the cat to make faces like that??
that is truly, truly hysterical!



Yes, that's why I decided to grow my own. I'm never able to find more than a handful of the pods at the store. And no one brings them to the farmers market. So, I will enjoy them while they are producing. They're very easy to grow.


A lot of the fava beans that come to market here are too big and look very bruised. That's why I decided to grow my own. I wish I had more space and could grow tons of them.


I think that young favas taste a little like peas. They're sweet and have a very soft texture. As they get bigger, they are still delicious, but the texture changes a little. You might want to buy 1 or 2 of the big pods shell them and cook them by simply blanching them, peeling if necessary, and sauteeing in a little butter for a few minutes.


I think people can do that out here. This is the first time for me. I have the terrible Central Valley summers out here, which does in a lot of legumes. I planted these in November and they were a great cover crop, but didn't produce beans until last month.


Upsie is a "talker". She is constantly badgering me, yelling at me, complaining or just meowing over nothing, as far as I can see. So, that picture captured her the way she is most of the time!!!!


shamelessly trolling your site for cute pics of upsie....and BINGO!


Does anyone know of a use for the shells and the peels? An edible use, not just composting...

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