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May 20, 2006



Oh I'd love to see the guy dressed as the bar. Gee, does he actually serve during the reace?
I've had annoying muffin recipes like that before too. I usually give the insides of the papers a quick shot of cooking spray (Pam) beforehand and they come out easier. The first time I tried that I thought the oil spray would just soak into the paper liners but does work.
Have fun at the play today! Be sure and take pics of the sushi afterwards. I'm so jealous.


I've heard that the guy does serve drinks. I don't know how that's possible. Frankly, I wouldn't be able to drink alcohol and walk up those tall hills in San Francisco. I would wind up rolling down them, as I get tipsy after one drink. That could be memorable. Thanks for the tip about the muffin liners.


I'm loving the sweet potato muffins. In the 80's I lived on the Bay to Breakers route and it was always fun to watch the runners from my seventh floor window. We used to think about throwing water balloons, but decided seven floors would turn the balloons into bricks.


Steven, that must have been fun to watch the race from that vantage point! I understand that the race has gotten so huge, it's hard to walk at the beginning of the race. As I recall there were as many as 12,000 people in the race several years ago. Of course, most of them are in it for a lark. My husband is actually trying to run it.


wait... seriously? people RUN in that race??
wow! my world view is shattered!
lol, just kidding, i have friends that fly out every year from nyc and la to actually run it, but man, are you a nice woman to make beautiful muffins like that for your man!


So did you husband run in normal clothes or did he dress up in something interesting? He could have gone as Richard Simmons!

Muffins look great - I will have to make some next time I bake sweet potatoes...



My husband said it took him over 10 minutes to cross the starting line of the race, because the crowd of people was so huge. And there were still thousands of people behind him. He did run it, but I can see why a great deal of people just walk it, with little respites (party breakes) along the way.


Did he wear a costume?? He is a civil engineer, so no he didn't!! OK, I know that some civil engineers are wild and crazy and go to the Burning Man Festival each year and run around nude---but my husband will never wear a costume!! Never!!!


These look really aianmzg! I almost never bake muffins anymore (I can't resist eating them one after another) but I can practically smell them from your photos. Mmm!

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