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April 20, 2006



That is a completely gorgeous picture. There's something about vivid colors in foods that I instantly respond to.


I sucked in my breath when I saw this! No doubt about it, this is tonight's meal!


Thank you Julie. I agree, if a dish has beautiful colors, it makes it all the more delicious. You have some beautiful pictures on your site.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did, Shannon. I'm going to use this recipe with other kinds of fish or shrimp. These are the flavors that I enjoy.


Argh!!! That looks so good but I only have 6 of the ingredients and no way to get the others until July. *pout* Not fair!


This must have been really good. I can taste the flavors...basil, lime, thai chillies yum !


very good entry for weekend herbal blogging
Basil is perfect herb.Nice recipe


what are Fresno peppers?
they look like bell peppers a little
are they very spicy?


Looks absolutely wonderful. I swear I want to cook every dish I see on your blog.


Hey, Sher, is it possible for you to create recipe sections on your blog somehow, to make finding a past recipe easier? Just curious!



I hope you can make it soon--maybe you could adapt it a bit?


It was delicious--even though the peppers upset my stomach. But, that's just me. My husband had it and he was fine.


Yes, I can never get enough basil.


Fresno peppers are similar in shape to jalapenos, but hotter. They are often sold when they're red, which looks very pretty. But, they are hot.


Thank you!! I feel the same way about your recipes too.


Yes, I need to do that! A couple other people have told me that also.


This fried rice looks great. Fried rice is one of those dishes that atalcluy scares me a bit to make because I have that fear of the rice turning out mushy. I will try this and let you know how it turns out.

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