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April 14, 2006



Oh, Sher, how funny! Just before I read this, I had my version of Desperation Spaghetti! I cooked up some frozen tortellini and while it was boiling, I sauteed some pre-minced garlic and halved cherry tomatoes in olive oil, then threw the tortellini into it, shredded up some fresh basil, ground up some pepper, and grated some parm cheese quickly on top. Then ATE IT OUT OF THE POT because that's how lazy I was feeling. Hurray for Desperation Pasta!



Eating pasta out of the pot is right up there with eating ice cream out of the carton. It tastes better that way, don't you think? For one thing, if you eat the pasta out of the pot, you have access to more of the "goodies" that tend to fall off the pasta, back into the serving bowl, as you dish it out into your plate. By the way, your Desperation Tortellini sounds wonderful.


It DOES taste better that way! In fact, when I moved in with BW, it took me quite awhile to change my eating-pasta-out-of-the-pot ways. So now I only do it when he's out for the evening, like tonight. Bwa ha ha!


Love your title - and I'm right there with ya on the spaghetti thing. [Thank goddess there is gluten-free pasta!]


I would eat that spaghetti ANYTIME. No desperation needed whatsoever. (And no apologies necessary for your recipe!) Looks absolutely delish. Great photos--I can practically taste it right through the computer. If that's your idea of fast food, I'm moving in with you. : )


This sounds much better than some of the things I eat when I'm desperate. I love having spagetti sauce in the freezer. It's my favorite thing to make when the garden produces too many tomatoes.



I've noticed that my grocer is carrying more products that are gluten free. There's also a women in town who started a gluten-free bakery, so kids could have a nice gluton-free birthday cake.


NO, No--I'm moving to your farm and will fix you the spaghetti. You're living my dream there. I'll live in the greenhouse with Upsie.


Welcome back! I'm so looking forward to Summer. Tomato sauce made with vine ripened tomatoes is wonderful.

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