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April 01, 2006



Wow. I really love the sound of this. Cooking the fish with the lime leaves and using the poaching liquid to cook the rice both sound like great ideas.


This sounds yum & like the Indian Pulao. I wonder 'Kedegree' is from which Asian country...perhaps Thailand considering the use of lime leaves ?



In her book, Nigella explains that this dish began as an Indian dish of lentils and rice, which the British changed into rice with smoked haddock!! It became a very popular brunch dish in the 50's. Nigella changed it further, by adding the Asian flavoring of lime and fish sauce, and replacing the haddock with the salmon.


I love Nigella's stuff, and this looks delicious!


ooooh, i haven't had kedgeree for donks - you've just officially made me crave for this. The rice looks so perfectly yellow, the fish flakes and the eggs just the right doneness for my liking, almost as if this plate was made for me... mmmmm.


Hi sher,
I learnt that kedegree is an indian version of north indian dish called kitchri.
When you boil rice, have you forgot to mention water, don't you add water to cook rice fully?.Adding cilantro is very very precious beacuse of high beta carotene which is good for eye.Your recipe is certainly delicious and nutritious



I wish Nigella would make a new television series. i really enjoyed watching her cook--and eat!


I wish I had some more kedgeree right now! I love all rice dishes, but this is special to me.


Thank you for spotting that I left out a key word in the recipe! I left out the word "liquid" to describe how to cook the rice. Hard rice is not very tasty. :):):)


Yums! That looks incredibly delicious! I've always loved kedgeree and I so miss the ones at home ... sigh. I might have to make your version to comfort myself now. :)



It's so delicous, I agree. I did enjoy this one. But, would love to see the version you ate at home too!

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