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April 16, 2006



Sherry: My eyes teared as I read your lovely comments and gazed upon photos of my 4-legged children. Ok, Ollie and Chekhov are 10 but they're my babies, nevertheless. And, of course, Rosie is not yet 2. Now all 3 are memorialized on the web - into the public domain - because of their Aunt Sher. Thanks. And, yes, you're right. Ollie has 'issues' with Rosie. But he should be grateful because at least now someone is beneath him in the canine hierarchy. Moreover, it's fascinating to see Chekhov react. I thought Chekhov was protecting Rosie from Ollie. However, my veterinarian educated me. In fact, Chekhov is asserting that if anyone is going to put Rosie in her place, it's me, Chekhov!! Wow, complex animal conduct. Fascinating! H.


Those doggies are so adorable. Your friend is so nice to adopt Rosie from the shelter as she's obviously got a loving family to take care of her from now on.


Rosie looks like an absolute sweetheart! So wonderful to hear of a shelter rescue. But those other two. . . hmmmm. . . they look a bit crazed--in a loveable, adorable way of course. : )



I again say that Rosie is on lucky dog--she has finally found her home. I always think about how Toby was able to live out her life with you when her family took her to the shelter.

Hey Boo, (I love saying that because it's a line from To Kill A Mockingbird)

Yes, when Helene adopts a dog, it stays part of her family, no matter what.


Rosie is a sweetheart. But, she was so stressed when Helene first got her--she (Rosie) couldn't poop! She was on her best behavior--never barked at all. She probably figured she had to be very good--or she might go back to the shelter. And Ollie and Chekov are really crazed when they see a cat!


Those dogs are GORGEOUS!

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