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April 29, 2006


clare eats

Upsie looks so scary!


I need that guard. There were some menacing slugs lurking around my lettuce.....


It's good to have such a serious guard with such freakishly big paws! I love how it looks like he's wearing a big puffy silver jacket!


I'm sorry! SHE!!! I meant SHE!


I love the threatening look on Upsie's face; quite dark!!!

Her coat is so fluffy and I like how the lighter parts play with the darker ones, creating a special contrast (as if she's wearing a cloak)...


Not one hornworm would DARE come around your garden! Are her sweet paws really that big or just fluffy?

Papilles & Pupilles

I find it so human ! like an old old woman !



Yes, I've often thought that she can look very ominous. There's something about her face. But, she a big baby.


Upsie says she will only eat slugs or snails if they are cooked in garlic butter. :):)


No problem--I often get my genders mixed up. Of course people really get annoyed if it's their human children! But, really--if you have a baby girl, dress her in clothing that gives us a clue.


I look at her coat and it's fine in the Winter. But, now that it's heating up, I wonder how she can stand it? And Upsie tries to look mean, but she's a big pussy underneath that. If she gets a mean look back from another cat, she runs.


Yes, her paw are really huge! I guess they are built for walking on snow. Or she may be retaining water in her ankles. :):):)

Papilles & Pupilles,

She is almost an old lady in cat years. Well, middle aged maybe.


I wish my Kitty would actually stand guard. Instead when we let her out she just finds the sunny spot, plops down and eats plants within reach! You havea good guard dog there!


I think it almost looks like she has a Santa beard strapped to her!


Upsie looks like such a fluffy pie that no worms will dare come near her.



Well, I told her I would give her lots of her favorite cat treat, Pounce, if she keeps those dreadful worms away from my innocent tomato plants. But, I have had lots of kitties that like to bask in the sun too!


Any worm that did would get all tangled up in her big lion's mane!!!


Oh my goodness. What a stern little security guard you have there!



She says she wants a little badge and a hat, like real guards.


holy cow, that really are some freakishly big paws, but what a beauty! is she any particulary type of breed?


WoW! Upsie is my cat's twin! I can't believe there are two of them in the world. Our Brenda needs to have her mane clipped though else it dips into the food bowl. How does Upsie manage? And have you ever learned if she is a particular breed?


Rae and Margaret,

I've had some Vet's tell me that she may have some Maine Coon in her. I've never had to clip Upsie, she usually manages to stay pretty clean--but part of that may be because she prefers dry food.

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