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April 11, 2006



i always try to make these and can never understand why they don't hold together, now i know!
thanks so much!


Mmmmm, savory pancakes, my favorito!

By the way, Sher, I finally got around to making your Vietnamese Chicken Salad last night and we both just about died from the deliciousness. I'd added 3 serranos and it was incredibly hot, maybe too much so for me. That will become a staple food around here, no doubt, as it's so easy to make. Thanks!



I always had the same problem--but it was so easy to make them with the leftover risotto. It sure is a pain to try and make a dish and everything keeps falling apart, eh?


3 serranos!! YOWZA!!! You are really brave. :) I sure love that salad. Full of flavor and no oil.


Hi sher,
your recipe is simply delicious.I will have a try.Will bit be sufficient to use egg white.I am avoiding egg yolks.Will it be O.K.?


I love savory pancakes too. I prefer leftover rissotto to freshly cooked. Have you ever tried rolling them into balls, breading them, and then deep-frying? I don't know what they're called, I think 'poplete', but they serve it at my favorite Italian winebar in NYC.



I've never made them just using egg white, but I can't imagine why that wouldn't work. Not sure how many egg whites you need to add, but you could start off with one egg-white per cup of the risotto and do a couple test pancakes to see if you need more. Let me know how that goes if you make them.


I think the risotto would make it much easier to make the fried rice balls. My mom made the ones with the cubes of mozzerella in them, but they were hard for her to do because they would fall apart before she could fry them. But, with this kind of rice, that wouldn't happen. Hope you're having a good time in school!!

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