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April 05, 2006



you lucky girl! Spring has certainly sprung in your neck of the woods!!!
i am, with baited breath, eagerly awaiting the moment the morels arrive at my local, uh, mushroom-erie (what's the word for a mushroom store?)
should be any day now!


I swear everything you cook looks just amazing. If I lived close I would be inviting myself over for dinner.



I knew someone who went on morel mushroom picking trips each year. He knew where they grew in the woods (his secret) and harvested pounds of them. Imagine that.


I feel the same way about your meals. :):)


Yum! Sher, that makes me think spring really is here and it inspires me to eat "clean".


I agree with Kalyn. If your house wasn't an 1,800 mile hike I'd be on your doorstep every day trying to crawl in through Upsie's cat door. Of course you'd just greet me and set an extra plate but Bob would probably give me one of those "man" looks.


sher -- actually, morels grew wild in the backyard of the house i grew up in in upstat new york
my mom is a savvy nature lover and knew them for what they were, so i was a lucky little girl, raised on my moms goregous garden produce, wild morels from the backyard, and, ahem, foraged corn from the farmers' field that abutted our property
cool, right??
thus, to me, morels are the absolute sign that spring has offically sprun in the great northeast!



Upsie will NOT let you use her cat door. Wait--she doesn't have a cat door. Now she's mad.


You had morels in your back yard? That's wonderful. I'm jealous. I do know about foraging corn though. :):)

Barbara (Biscuit Girl)

I've not had the pleasure of morels yet but really want to try them. This recipe looks like a good excuse for me to bite the expensive bullet and go buy some morels.



If you can't find them, this recipe would taste very good with other varieties of mushrooms--or they can be left out completely because there are so many other things in it.

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