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April 17, 2006



Hah! I have always thought Peeps must have SOME diabolical connection...


Very nice posting. HAPPY EASTER!!


The cupcakes are so cute ! Happy Easter.


hysterical! those are some happy lookin' kids! i know i would be if my mom would let me eat that much sugar
yep, 30 years old and my mom STILL tries to control my sugar intake
sigh :-)


Peep cupcakes! I think I've now seen it all. I made cupcakes for the first time in years and years last fall (after visiting Magnolia Bakery in NYC and falling deeply in love with their cupcakes). And so I bought their cookbook and inside was their cupcake recipe. Lovely crowd-pleasing job you did!


I'm with you, Sher, I hate Peeps as well. Never even liked 'em as a kid. But I have recently rediscovered cupcakes so yuuuum!


Nice post first time I am visiting ur blog, ur snaps are cool.


I love your cupcakes, so colorful and I bet

they tasted great.


Sorry I don't like Peeps to eat, but they sure

look good on your cupcakes



Yes, Peeps are kind of evil--but they toast very nicely--all that sugar on them, you know?

Ramya and Sonali,

Thank you both!


It's genetic, mom's have to try and control us.


Ah, Magnolia Bakery. That's just about the pinnacle of cupcakes.


My birds love Peeps. First they tear off the marshmallow heads, then they rip open the underbelly.....It's chilling.


I enjoyed my visit to your blog as well!


The nice thing about Peeps is that you can take them off very easily! And throw them away.


The title wasn't wasted on me! I loved TNG and I can see the similarities between "the borg" and "the peep(s?)", though obviously one is more stomach friendly than the other (well, kind of).


I remember that episode so well. I think some of the Peeps assimilate who ever eats them. Why else would people ever eat one again! Shudder!

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