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April 26, 2006



CHicken Tikka Masala is my favorite. Yours looks yummy !


I came across a neglected bottle of Trader Joe's Green Curry Simmering Sauce yesterday and wondered what I should do with it. If it's really that easy to use simmering sauce, I'm all for it!


Hello, I read your previous posts. I hope you are ok now!
Tikka Massala is too hard to make from scratch (it never tastes right) and ready made sauces are very seldom satsifying. You are luck to have found such a product.
It really looks delicious.



I love it too--and I just read several articles on the Internet saying that Chicken Tikka Masala is now the most popular dish in the UK.


I would try the TJ simmering sauce--you never know. Sometimes I feel like making a dish from scratch--but if there's a product out there that can help me on those days when I want to get in and out of the kitchen fast--thank heavens!!!


Thank you, for your thoughts. It's good to hear from you! I agree that sometimes the bottled sauces don't work out so well--I was suprised at how much I liked this one--and grateful too!


Hey Sher
So you've been trying hardcore indian dishes- I'm a vegetarian myself but i know what a rage chicken tikka masala is all round the world ! Thanks for visiting my blog-

Shall be around to check back your new posts


It is so nice to have things that make meals easy on those nights when you just don't want to think in detail about food but still want to eat well. I find the sauces from Patak are great for that.

Your picture looks very yummy. I can smell the spices lingering in my nostrils.



Yes, I have fallen in love with Indian dishes, but I'm just a beginner. I love spices and what better cuisine for that? I'm grateful for all the many fine Indian food blogs out there.


Thank you--when I look at that picture, I remember the way it perfumed my house. AHHH! You can bet I will look for more of those sauces.


Wow, nice work.

I enjoy eating good a meal, and I definitely love "Great" meals such as this.

Thanks for sharing.



Thank you for coming for a visit!!

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