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March 26, 2006


Boston Chef

Upsie must love being brushed...

Here are our two guys: http://bostonchef.blogspot.com/2006/03/weekend-cat-blogging.html


Upsie is truly the Angelina Jolie of Catworld--not only is she giving back to the community but staying gorgeous at the same time! It's a difficult job but somebody has to do it!


Ha! You should make a kitty hair sweater for someone over in Weekend Dog Blogging! I wish my kitties would stand being brushed. They think it's an animal running around them and attack the brush... ahhh!

clare eats

Thanks for those style tips Upsie, they wil definately help all the other kitties that visit to find out how to be as beautiful and stylish as you


These are priceless tips I will have to incorporate into my own kitty grooming routine. Do you have a show on the Style Network?
PS: Thanks for visiting my blog the other day!


Boston Chef,

I saw your "Yin & Yang"--quite a combo there!


Upsie loves Angelina Jolie and keeps asking me if "Brangelina" have had their baby yet.


I'm so glad that Upsie likes being combed. It's hard to keep a long haired cat unsnarled if she/he won't put up with it! I've had that situation too with other cats.


Upsie just came in covered with leaves and dirt and left the debris all over my floor. I hardly call that stylish!


Loved reading about your birthday party. It looked like a LOT of fun.


I love the Charlize Theron bow. Perhaps you could help my Aggie out with a few fashion tips!



Upsie says that Aggie should sit down with her personal Assistant, (you?) and come up with a look that draws OOH and AAHs. Stay away from anything like Bjork and her swan dress though.


What a kittie! What kind of pink comb is that? Sure seems to do the trick. My Miss Tilly has had problems with fur knots lately.



The comb is just a plain old human type comb. I had combs designed for cats, but they disappeared! It's amazing how fast long haired cats get big snarls in their hair, isn't it?

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