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March 11, 2006


clare eats

Upsie is so fluffy, how much do you hve to brush her?


Fortunately, she LOVES to be brushed. I try to do it everyday. If I don't, she gets snarls.

Papilles & Pupilles

what eyes ! wonderful !


She has wonderfully piercing eyes and her fluffy hair is very nice!


And you can rest eay knowing that the yard is safe!


That is one fluffy cat! :o)




Hey! Where's Upsie's floral hat? I miss it!

She's sooooooo beautiful!


We need Upsie to come over here and patrol our yard, since Trixie isn't allowed out, as much as she insists she is! How about it? :)


P & P, Rosa,

Upsie is very happy that you like her eyes!


She has made our yard safe from homicidal sparrows.

Amber and Aria,

She is one fluffy, ferocious kitty. Watch out world!


Shhhhhh--we hid it because all she did was admire herself in the mirror.


As Upsie's agent, I will prepare the standard security contract for you to sign. She will pack her little police outfit and be at your yard tomorrow!!!!!


It's in the hall closet.

You go, girl!


What a pretty fluffy kitty!

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