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March 05, 2006


clare eats

heehe Upsie looks like a lady from the 19th C!
Sorry that wcb is up so late...


If looks could kill, I think you would be dead right now. What a face! lol!


*lol* she looks a little upset.


That last shot is classic cat! When you do something to them and they get really stiff, coupled with a look of icy dignity (or what's left of their dignity!). Making cats do and wear things is fun!



Maybe she was a Victorian woman in another life??

Vickie and Misschrisc,

Strangely, even though she looks very pissed, she was enjoying it a lot--due to the attention, probably. She played with the hat for quite a while.


Upsie told me she wants an entire wardrobe for Spring. She seems far too interested in Project Runway when I watch it on TV


Looks like Paris Hilton is in for a real cat fight with this one!



Whoa!! Will Upsie get a reality series on Fox if she wins?


I love that picture; Upsie is a very beautiful model... She doesn't look too pleased and I'm sure that she's thinking about her revenge!!!


You know, she looks like I feel in the morning before I have had my pot of tea. LOL!



Yeah--that's me in the morning before I have my cup of coffee. Don't talk to me until I do!


This is os cute! Your kitty is soooo patient!


Well--sometimes she is. But not when I trim her nails!

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