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March 11, 2006



I really love tuna too. If I'm having sushi one of my choices will always be spicy tuna roll. This looks just wonderful.

Cate O'Malley

That looks so hearty and delicious - thanks for sharing!

Sueko McLane

This tuna sounds delicious and I'm sure it is. The combination of tuna, tomatoes, onion and basil is great. Thanks for the good recipe!



Ahhh, I love that soft toro tuna that they use for the sushi, it's like butter.

Cate, I love your name (I'm Irish-American, middle name is Colleen),

This was so easy to make. You barely cook the meat because it sears so fast.


Yes, the combo of the basil/onions/tomatoes is so reliably good. And I just flat out love tuna!


Oh Gawd, Sher!

That looks divine. Will you come be my personal chef so I can eat healthier instead of shoving in my mouth whatever happens to be in my backpack at the moment?




Yes, I will be your personal chef, if you pay me lots and lots of money. And make me cake.


You are on!

Well for cake anyway. Money...not so much of that lying around until I sell my novel to Hollywood and get to wallow in cash. Snort. Oh. Do I have to finish writing it first for that dream to have a chance of coming true? Sigh. There's always work involved. I hate that about earning a living.

Sarah C.

That looks delicious...I love fresh tuna, especially served with tomatoes or in sushi(hate the canned stuff though). Yum.


This looks like a delicious recipe. I could really eat this with rice. now. The tuna looks just how i'd like it - pink inside! Yummmm

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