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March 24, 2006



Another amazing-looking dish, and made with my veggie du jour (actually, of the month), spinach! I suppose cooking the tequila would not count as "drinking" alcohol, would it? I think not. :)



LOL!! Yes, here's one way to drink some tequila after you've sworn off alcohol for a bit. Spinach alone works very well with these--but it sure does cook down into a small amount of filling!


Yay! A way to sneak kale onto my husbands plate without him noticing, hopefully! We always seem to get it in our veggie box and he hates it! Thankyou very much!



Yes, we have to do these sneaky things sometime! Add the spinach and you won't really be tricking him if you say they're spinach enchiladas. :):) For me, it's tofu. My husband loathes it. But, you know--with the right recipe..........


This sounds like a great recipe. I've been looking for a tomatillo sauce recipe that would accompany go well with spinach enchiladas. Thank you much! I'll post the outcome on my blog.


I googled kale and cheese enchiladas because I had made these before and couldn't remember where I found the recipe. In any case, I came across your recipe and they were different. I made them and they were great! The tequilia is the "special" ingredient! Actually I improvised a bit because my tomatillos in the garden were not quite ready so I used tomatoes and added cilantro. Overall it was really good!

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