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March 03, 2006



This is one of my favourite salads too. Delicious!


Oh my gosh, this looks absolutely amazing. I have a huge row of mint in my garden (now covered with snow, but I know it will come back.) So I am always looking for things to make with fresh mint.


The salad looks great!


Oh how I want that cookbook.......
Thank you for putting up the recipe ~ gives me something to try while I wait to justify the splurge ;p


I love both the salad and the cookbook altho' I have yet to make something from it. I like the salad straight up - no rice.



Yes, it's pretty addictive. The mix of flavors is wonderful.


The mint is perfect with the tangy flavors of the fish sauce and lime juice. And it sure is hardy--and can take over a yard!


It was pretty, but I didn't waste much time admiring it! I ate it too fast.


I hope you get the cookbook--it's fabulous. What a life the authors' have--going all over the world, learnng how different cultures cook.


I haven't made many recipes from the book, but I'm determined to make rice noodles. It seems like it would be easy.


Looks SO good and I can't wait to make it! However, I was wondering where to buy Vietnamese coriander? :-O

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