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March 28, 2006



interesting. i surely would not have thought of a rye/corn pairing. deborah madison surely is a goddess :)

imitation vanil? ick. id been using some organic vanilla i had bought when i was still living in michigan but i ran out one day when i needed another tabelspoon. my mother had some of the mccormick stuff. oh my lord. what a difference. the alcohol smell nearly knocked me on my arse. vanilla is just one of those things people need to accept they have to spend money on to get a good product.


Hi Violet,

Yes, the combination of rye and corn works very well here. The muffin wasn't heavy like you would think, from so much whole grains flour. I aso agree about vanilla. Once you have the quality vanilla, you can't go back to the cheap stuff.


Otis Spunkmeyer--shudder. Ick. These muffins, however, look fantastic. I used to hate the taste of rye as a kid/teenager but now love it and actually crave it at times. Would anything other than molasses work though? Just wondering.



I bet you could use honey or maple syrup or anything that has the consistancy of the molasses. I was surrpised at how these muffins tasted. I thought the rye would overwhelm things--but it didn't. Personally, I think the shape of the muffins looks like those South Park kids.


mmm... I love muffins of all kinds. And what an interesting combo, too.



It is an interesating combo. And I really was happy to see how good it tasted, despite not being all tricked up with a lot of bells and whistles.


Don't be so fast to diss imitation vanilla: awhile back the Cooks Illustrated people raved about the imitation vanilla from -- get this -- the pharmacy CVS. I came home with a bottle from North Carolina this week -- thanks for the reminded that the cooler's still unpacked in the trunk! PS Now the muffins ... THEY look great.



Uh-oh!! I've left a cooler or bags of groceries in the trunk! :) Not good. I get Cook's Illustrated and I vaquely remember something about the vanilla. Good to know.

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