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March 25, 2006



This sounds just fabulous. Of course you know I am simply nuts about arugula, so of course I would like anything that has it. I've tried the Aidells chicken sausage but haven't seen their meatballs. I think turkey Italian Sausage (browned, then cut in slices) would be good in this too and faster than making meatballs. The meatballs do sound good though, especially with the oregano.


Sounds delicious...I am not much of a soup person but seeing your photos of the various soups, I just might make some...



The meatballs are very new. We had them in our store about a month ago for the first time. They're low in calories, which I appreciate.


My husband wasn't a big fan of soup either. I guess I wore him down with all the soup I've made over the years--because now he has come around and likes it! :):):)


can i tell you how excited i am to add this to my soup repetoire?
i've never made my own meatballs, but i've always wanted to, so this just seems like a wonderful reason to do so (that and the sick boy at home, sigh, men are such wimps when they're sick!)


Hi Ann,

I think making meatballs is kind of like being a kid again--like playing with Playdough. And yes, I know about sick men. But, I think they love some nice soup! You will be a heroine.

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