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February 02, 2006



Oh, yes! Thanks for the Rick Bayless recipe. I adore beans in all their many forms, too. Haven't made refried in eons; will have to try this recipe.

OK, first the hot dogs, then the nachos. What have you done to me?!


nasty ppl!!!!!
this is sum disgustin food!!!
mexican my bum


I lost my copy of Bayles' book, so I'm glad to find these recipes here!

To the guy who said ewwww!!! etc., you're absolutely right. This recipe makes the greatest refried beans, but you have to add salt by the tablespoon (like 5 of them.) Otherwise, you get garbage. It doesn't make them taste salty, it just completely transforms the flavor from mealy-beany to beany-delicious. Add a teaspoon at a time and taste until they're right.

I've also found that if you make them with all strained bacon fat, it's way too greasy. Combined between the brothy beans and the refried version there should be half bacon fat and half cooking oil (maybe I used butter. . .)

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