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February 28, 2006



So, are haddock and halibut the same then, or just interchangable delicate white fish? Would any non-white fish work with this? I don't know my fish too well, as you can tell, but love fish!


LOL!! Thank you for noticing that!!!! That slipped right by me. For some reason I used the word haddock. I don't think I've ever had haddock. Jeesh!! This is what happens when you write a post without having coffee first. Thanks for catching that, I'll correct it! I think sea bass would work too.


I love your soups, they always look so colorful and beautiful. They make me hungry :) Great photos too!


Salsa can fix anything, though from the picture, it doesn't look like it needs any fixing! And I agree with Melissa, your soup pictures always look great.


Wonderful colours!! sounds and looks both light and flavoursome!
It is GOOD to be back!


I second everyone who has said how wonderful this looks.


Thank you Melissa, we eat a lot of soup in my house, that's for sure. It fills me up, so that's certainly good.

Gerald, I can't live without salsa. No wonder it's more popular than catsup.

Celine, I hope you have plenty of adventures to tell us about!

Kalyn, thank you too. And I was so critical of that halibut.

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