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February 19, 2006


clare eats

Who got the presents?


LOL, that is cute ~ funny how cats think they are "helping".


Upsie is a beautiful service cat!

kross-eyed kitty

Doesn't she look pretty with all her bows?! That is definitely a girly-cat!


Upsie is just as regal as my Buddy in his WCB photo...perhaps they will be Lord and Lady of the WCB this week:D


What a gorgeous cat!


Clare--the picture above was taken last month for my husband's birthday. Of course, Upsie thought it was her day--and her presents.

Linda--Yes, Upsie will help us until we go crazy.

Kat--she does seem to realize that she's pretty. She demands to be combed each day, so that her coat is nice and fluffy.

Kross-eyed Kitty--She's girly, but she's not dainty. It's painful when she jumps on our laps.

KT--Upsie is all for that, but only if she gets a crown.

Shannon--Upsie says thanks, and that you have a very good eye for beauty. :):)


I love a cat with true dedication. She's a very good girl to be such a help to her family.


B'gina--she is very dedicated. Sometimes, too dedicated. But, we love that about her.

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