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January 04, 2006



Yes! I grew up with the whole turnip debate too. I never liked the root either until I was served a dish similar to this in a 4-star restaurant, no less. But hey, it was at the Peabody Hotel (home of the famous ducks and where a scene in Tom Cruise's The Firm was filmed)in Memphis so if anyone is going to do turnips right it's going to be in Memphis. They were fabulous. I kid you not I've often thought about how sweet, savory, and delicious those freaking turnips were and can't remember much else about the meal.

I'm definitely going to print out and try this recipe! Yummy! Thanks for this one, Sher!


Ahh, the Peabody Hotel. I've always wanted to see those little ducks do their march to and from their room. Roasting seems to make any root vegetable taste better. My favorite is roasted carrots, which would taste very good in with those turnips.



mmmm....roasted carrots....Homer drool....absolutely! My personal favorite is roasted vidalia onions. I'm always the guy stealing all the onions out of the pot roast (roasted pot roast, not the weird boiled roast thing that some people do) and hoarding them to mash up into my potatoes that are roasted along with the meat. Bit yum!

The ducks are adorable. Remember the BBQ scene in The Firm where Tom and Jeanne Tripplehorn first meet all the partners in Memphis. That was filmed on the roof of the Peabody. That's actually where the ducks live when they're not being paraded aroudn the hotel. They have their own little mansion and everything. I'm not kidding. Their own little victorian mansion. On the roof. It's adorable. The ducks live better than I do. For that house on the roof I'd waddle around and splash in the fountain three times a day myself. For a cocktail at happy hour I might even sing while I do it.


Ahh Memphis. I worked in Memphis for a couple months back in my travelling days. I miss Corky's and the Butcher Shop (not sure if that was the name, but its the steak place where you choose your meat and you can cook it yourself).


Corky's is BBQ, right? If it is I think I've been there but not sure about the Butcher Shop... Did you ever do The Blue & White Cafe down south of Tunica where everyone including Elvis use to drive down from Memphis? Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I don't know if it's changed hands or my expectations were too high.


I'm trying to eat "healthy" and you two are making me crave BBQ.



Pork butt, sugar, jalapenos, and beer...aren't those the four food groups recommended by the FDA?

Mrs. Mordecai

Thanks for this recipe! I'm going to combine it with another bacon-based one I found to try to make our garden turnips edible.

Patricia Rocha

I just make them, they are awesomeeee! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

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