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November 23, 2005



I guess I forgot to mention that I have that pan too and when I use it I usually whip up a little buttercream and generally outline or go ahead and fill in the petals with a thin layer of yellow, leaves with green, and the center with brown frosting or with chocolate. Did I not mention that? :-) Okay, I admit it. I wanted to see what you would do because my way was the lazy cake decorator way. But it's still beautiful without the frosting. It is too bad that the dark pan doesn't allow for the yellow of the batter to remain when baked the way a shiny silver aluminum pan would but it's still a fun, novel presentation. The three dimensions can't be beat. There won't be a crumb left.

Still can't believe you riced 13 lbs of potatoes. Are your biceps sore? I think you can count that as a workout.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Well, I don't think using three different colors of buttercream is the "lazy cake decorator's way"! Sounds very impressive to me.

I think the food hangover I have right now is masking the pain in my biceps



My gosh, I wish I was at that dinner!!!Our food was good, but nothing compared to that cake and fluffy potatoes



The potatoes were very fluffy indeed! I froze some of them for when you visit.


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