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November 07, 2005



I swear I can smell the wonderful jam aroma!!!! I'll bet this would be good on beef!!! YUM YUM


Yes, the jam is great with beef and makes a grilled hamburger taste better, if you mix it into the ground beef before you cook it. And it's wonderful on roast beef sandwiches.



That looks really good. It has me thinking of adding some peppers and other ingredients into it. How long will that keep? Do you know if there would be a decent method to preserve it? That could make a nifty Christmas present if packaged correctly.


Hi CitizenX,

I have added cooked peppers to the jam and it tastes great, especially on sandwiches or pizza. I keep my jam in the fridge for about one week. I also like to freeze small amounts of it to have on hand for various recipes. As a gift, I would put it in a nice jar and note that it should be kept in the fridge for around a week. The jam could be canned, but as it has little acidity, it would probably reguire pressure canning. I've never done that, as I have an irrational fear of pressure cookers!!!!! I use the water bath method whenever I do canning. But, I do think the jam would make a great gift! There are so many things to do with it.


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