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May 04, 2008



Oh that sweet face is a heart breaker... (we don't mean the fish)


Laura has a very sweet face - how could you not just hand over all the sardines to her?


Oh I am jealous- fresh sardines!!!!


What a sweet kitty. Laura is adorable!

You know, I can't do sardines. I don't care too much for fish as it is, but as my punishment for not doing something I was supposed to do when I was about 9 or so, my dad made me eat CANNED sardines. It was horrible.

Joy T.

You are soooo pretty! Do you know I am 44 years old and have never eaten a sardine? It's true. But you make them sound so good, I just might have to try them like your mom makes them.

Kashim & Othello

Awwww she is so sweet who could resist such a sweet face?
But she also is s little devil isn't she? Hehe

The sardines look very yummy!


Yum...you're killing me, Sher. I have to wait until I'm in Greece this summer for sardines.


This indeed looks delicious. My human, Steve, loves sardines but his come from a can.


oh she is going to be a real beauty when she grows up. What a sweet face!! Fresh sardines too! What a treat!

Cape Cod Kitty

Oh, Laura, what a lucky (and growing!!) kitten you are.....you have a nice Mommy who cooks you yummy things....glad you and Pumpkin liked the sardines. I hear they are very healthy!! Lots of Omega-3's.


Haha. Cutie Petootie. : ) Glad you got some yummies Little Laura.


Aw, she's getting really big! Those sardines look delicious!!


Laura, you are a beautiful kitty! Those sardines look yummy!




Oh my. I've only had canned sardines. Looks wonderful.


I can get fresh sardines down here every once in awhile and we do the same thing, pop those guys on the grill! I bet Laura got to have a bite!


You make me want to try them.


Oy, look what I've been missing! I just can't keep up with all my favorite blogs! These sardines look so scrumptious. It's funny; recently I've been dreaming about fresh sardines and wishing I could get some, because I've been reading these Inspector Montalbano mysteries by Andrea Camilleri, and he's ALWAYS talking about what the guy eats and how delicious it is, and one of the common things he has is super-fresh sardines, "simply dressed with olive oil and lemon." I don't think I'll ever see a fresh sardine around these parts, though! Yours look gorgeous, and I love the rosemary in there.


Seriously, these are just gorgeous looking - wow!

I'm thinking of summer holidays now!

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